Societies are Biological Systems

A society is a living system that can be viewed from the standpoint of it’s state of health or disease. Since individual humans are armored society as a whole is also armored. With the new sciences of Medical and Social Orgonomy it is possible for the social orgonomist to understand social pathologies in the same way using functional thinking that the medical orgonomist understands and treats individual patients.

Applying this knowledge to American society today shows that it is becoming increasingly dysfunctional and rapidly deteriorating. The anti-authoritarian transformation that started in America around 1960 accompanying the so-called sexual revolution of the ’50s was the start of the decline. This was the time when far-left radicals were able to infiltrate into politics through the Democratic Party. This was also when helpless people first started looking to politics for solutions to their personal and social problems en mass and when leftist politicians assumed leadership in the progressive movement promoting their ideological goals to them. The left’s invasion into politics soon extended into both Parties and eventually destroyed the foundation of the two-party system as we know it. One symptom of the transformation was the polarization of politics into the left and the right – the spectacle of two antagonistic opposing political forces battling each other for political survival.

The original, rational function of politics – the application of political knowledge to the function of governing – was lost and replaced by the pathological substitute of socio-politics. Championed by today’s political saviors on the far-left, this is another sign of the emotional plague’s destructive invasiveness in today’s anti-authoritarian social order.


  1. The plural of society is societies, not society’s.

    • Furthermore, the plural of party is parties, not party’s.

      • Thank you.

    • Thank you

  2. Exactly on point and without static, as always.

  3. Dr. Konia, I absolutely agree with you, that society is a living organism.

    Would you call the family, the relationship between man and women, that “produces” children, new life, as the healthy biological cell of the organism of society?

    In my perception these left-wing radicals want to destroy society so they even try to destroy in Germany the biological cell of the family, they destroy the natural bindings of parents and children, that children need to grow up secure and healthy – so you will have more and more very unsecured contact less young people, like in Germany, who mostly are voti g for the greens, who are part of this emotional plague.

    Without family, healthy sexual tension between a man and a woman, no healthy society will be possible, and there will be no healthy children of the future.

    Concerning politics, it is even worser in Getmany, mostly all political parties in Germany were infiltrated by left wing politicians, we have only a very small neoconservative AFD as a counterpart.

    It is not at all normal politics anymore, it feels like war.

    • Yes. The free world is at war with the plague.

      Yes. The natural, sex-positive family is the unit of a healthy society.

      • Yes. The free world is at war with the emotional plague.

        Yes. The natural, sex-affirmative family is the unit of a healthy society.

  4. “the so-called sexual revolution of the ’50s,” you mean “the ’60s”?

    • Yes. The ’60s.

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