The Guilt of White American Liberals is a Powerful Social Force

Unrecognized by almost everyone, the unconscious guilt of armored American liberals is being used as a highly destructive social force.

It is being used by American racists to destroy America’s historical past and gain political power in America.

It is being used by far-left radicals to destroy the American nation.

It is being used by emotionally sick, young, leftist American politicians and American youths with little or no work function to politically turn America into a socialist state.

Since they are all manifestations of the emotional plague, these forces can function alone or in combination.


  1. I agree with your thoughts and perception, Dr. Konia.
    Your description, that all forces of the emotional plague can function alone or in combination is absolutely true.

    I have noticed in Germany, that when it goes against life, against natural sexuality, suddenly left-wing politicians, Muslims and even the so-called neo-conservatives are building a united front against life, although some of them do not fit together in terms of their politics on the surface at all.
    I have noticed this functional reaction of the emotional plague also with people, who are interested in the work of Wilhelm Reich (we have no professionell orgonomist in Germany), left-wing Reichians suddenly agree on a deeper level with people, who are interested in Orgonomy, building a front of irrational hatred, when it comes to natural sexuality.

    I can very well emphasize, with the experiences of Wilhelm Reich,
    Reich was persecuted in Berlin after the publication of his book “The Mass Psychology of Fascism” by the Nazis and the Communists, by two manifestations of the emotional plague, which are in terms of their politics on the surface enemies, but both also in a deeper layer enemies of life, freedom and self-responsibility.

    Biologically, Reich had written, that these emotional plague reactions are all based on deep orgasm anxiety, look at Reich’s well known citations that Dr. Holbrook has added to Dr. Konia’s last article in his commentary.

    • The fact that emotional plague can combine and separate to achieve its destructiveness shows that it is a true bio-social disease.

      • This is absolutely true, Dr. Konia.
        As the emotional plague is a biosocial disease, you can feel it, it can come to the surface with murderous destructive Ness very suddenly, also expressed in the forms of words and language, like:

        “Oh, Wilhelm Reich, he just could not make it (and died…)”

        “I hate talking about vegetative things, they are so disgusting.”

        The hatred of life and natural, tender sexuality, is always hidden, the emotional plague pretends in the surface to act for the “good”, for “society” or as a “rational expert” etc.

  2. I try to get the gist of it: Racists destroy liberalism, i.e., the rational part of the liberal mind and, thus, most of America’s history, by associating everything liberal with the irrational self-destruction of “the white race”. Those liberals in turn identify with the radical “anti-racists” and “Antifa”, i.e., with red-fascist Communists until the very core, “the middle”, of America is destroyed. This is guaranteed by a “white” youth who identifies itself with the “colored”, i.e., the slaves, and wants, oddly enough, a new system of slavery, only that the new slaves have no longer to work but are taken care of throughout life (communism!). The emotional plague is triumphant because everything works synergistically: Nazis, Stalinists, and useful idiots. “Hitler” has is revenge, “Stalin” wins the Cold War, and slavery returns in the form of socialism. And, well, even “race” becomes a more important factor than ever: “You are a white male!” “I am a victim (because I am colored)!” The Devil must be completely enthused!

    Well, trying to reformulate you in order to understand you better I was kind of taken away by my own logic. Do I misinterpret you?

    • You get the gist of what I’m saying.

  3. And one can substitute Israeli for American. Rabbi Kahane called this combination of the far-left radical and the guilty liberal the ‘left/liberal axis.’ He’s one of the few who perceived this truth and its long term impact on Israel’s survival. And he was broadly vilified and then assassinated for speaking it.

    • The social effect of liberal guilt is the same all over the world.

  4. This is absolutely true, Dr. Konia.
    As the emotional plague is a biosocial disease, you can feel it, it can come to the surface with murderous destructive Ness very suddenly, also expressed in the forms of words and language, like:

    “Oh, Wilhelm Reich, he just could not make it (and died…)”

    “I hate talking about vegetative things, they are so disgusting.”

    The hatred of life and natural, tender sexuality, is always hidden, the emotional plague pretends in the surface to act for the “good”, for “society” or as a “rational expert” etc.

    • I would like to add to my answer to Dr. Konia on my first comment above, that if you have deeper contact to yourself (this is all what it’s about, you have to face first your fears), you are getting deeper in contact automatically to other people, so these examples in my comment above of an expression of the emotional plague with words, with language, comes from people, who are thinking on the surface (which means mostly from their “head”, without connection to their body) “nice ideas”, when they are contacted on an deeper level, ceven with words, just as Reich had done it with characteranalysis, my perception is, that these answers I quoted above, full of hate and disgust, even feelings of being confused, are an expression of the orgorgoneenergy bound in the emotional armor, in the body.
      The “nice ideas” from the head are nothing but replacement contact, an escape from fears and emotions, unpleasant emotions.

      Emotional plague characters are, in my perception, totally blocked in the pelvis, and try to manipulate on the social area other people through speaking on a deeper level to the secondary layer, trying to manipulate the normal neurotic over their deeper fears. to become a follower of the emotional plague, and turning even into a murderer.

      It is very clear to me, what Reich had to protect himself from.

      The emotional plague puts all its energy into being not uncovered and spreading its countertruth against life, which is “rationally” coupled on its surface.

      You can really smell an emotional plague reaction, when you are sensitive, three hundred feet up against the wind with your senses.

      I wrote something about the emotional plague in the Islamic World in a comment a few days ago here, the Egyptian-Arabic female Psychiatrist Nawel El Saadawi, as a girl herself, she was brutally genitally circumcised and resisted as a young woman the rape of Islamic society, even the other women throw stones at her.
      When she was put into prison after writing her book as a physician “Women and Sex” the prison guards told her:

      ” I’d rather give you a gun than a pen and a piece of paper”, her prison cell had been examined every day for papers and pencils and books.

      The truth is the biggest enemy of the emotional plague, the irrational “truth seeker” is mostly the first follower of the emotional plague.

      In the German GDR before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, authorities and “informers” destroyed the university studies of regime critics, or they did not even let them study at all.

      Dr. Konia’s analysis of the function of guilt feelings is very good, another modus operandi of the emotional plague, in Germany Muslims and radical left politics (almost all politicians are now left-wing in Germany) are working with the activation of free floating guilt feelings from the nazi time of the population mass.

      It is nothing but an emotional seduction and blackmail, people need to get contact to themselves again, to realize how destructive this process is.

      The problem is, that the emotional plague can turn the normal neurotic to a murderer, even a mass murderer.
      As the paranoid psychopath Adolf Hitler said:”In context we do the good”

      • Thank you.

      • I have another note to your article, Dr. Konia.

        Your biological perception, that free-floating guit feelings are functionally responsible for the destructive process you are describing, is very good.

        With regard to Germany:

        The present generations have nothing to do with the Nazi Era as perpetrators.
        Where do the guilt feelings come from?

        Since the emotional armor and character structure as, a whole is shaped by the parents and society in childhood, in this way also the emotional plague is transmitted over generations and structurally anchored in each individual and society – racism and antisemitism are an expression of the emotional plague – so might be the basis of the guilt feel gs, that most people concerning their emotional armor, are just the same racists as their grandparents?

        Then this irrational “Refugee” nonsense would be a fork of reciprocal racism from a lower layer, there is no doubt, that it is a expression of the emotional plague.

        When in Germany everything is considered to be “colorful”, also work and society as a whole, it seems to be nonsense, but it only can refer to the color of the skin – even a 6 year old child would recognize this as nonsensical.

        Or do the guilt feelings come from an even deeper layer, which has been built by the suppression of natural aliveness and natural sexualuty in childhood an is expressed with shame and guilt feelings?

        It is clear, that in anti authoritarian society theire is missing a stronger muscle armor to bind these guilt feelings, and other not so destructive ways of acting, to let these feelings simply go.

        The less muscle armor, the more free floating feelings of guilt, it has to be physically unbearable for such people.

        The less muscle armor, the more people have no perception of borders at all, their own borders, other people’s borders, even the borders of their own country, it is missing the emotional armor, that gives a a simple feeling of security.,
        although it can give no real heath.

        So people are fleeing in their “head” and they are losing contact to themselves, to reality more and more.

        It is a murderous destructive process.

        One should always remember, what the function of the emotional armor is, that does not mean, that it is “good”.at all.

      • I have another example for destructive contactlessness in Germany in our times:

        For example an old lady is robbed and rejected, and the criminals robbed her of the, last 3000 Euros, she owns, afterwards she cannot pay her bills anymore, and is shown as a fraud by the police.

        Any healthy person, who is in contact would realize that tge old lady is, a victim and that she is not a fraud or criminal at all.

        In the US newborn Christians rightly say, tgat it is, all about having contact, having a relationship with the living, carosrn Christ, Religion is not a solution..

        In German, partly many people, in relation to my example above, say, that the old lady is, a fraud, but she can be happy God is merciful, even if she is unguilty punished.

        This perception is totally evil and an expression of the emotional plague, this destructive process unfortunately affects mostly entire society in Germany in our times.

        Who does not recognize, the emotional plague at all, can become its follower and murderer or its victim very soon.

        It starts all, with having more and deeper contact to yourself and also your own unpleasant feelings.

      • I am sorry, in my last comment it had to be written:

        “Then this irrational” refugee” nonsense would be a form of reciprocal racism from a lower layer… “

      • I am sorry for the errors from my smartphone, I wanted to write in my second comment:
        “In the US newborn Christians rightly say, that it is, all about, living a relationship, that means having deep contact, with the living, arisen Christ, and that Religion is no solution.”

      • Thank you, Dr. Konia.

        I would like to add, something, that I might not be misunderstood,

        There’s a difference between getting in deep contact from the biological core, and noticing beyond the words the longings and emotional needs of a person, and projection my own longings into a person.

        The first one is healthy, the second one is not.

      • I am sorry, somehow my browser remembers, what I have written before.
        Of course, I would say thank you to Dr. Konia for his article, but this does not fit here, and my comment above us an addition to my last long comment below.

      • Dr. Konia, I hope my comments are not too long.

        Concerning politics and Orgonomy, I am very annoyed, that in Germany Wilhelm Reich’s research work is abused for political left activism and political neo-conservative activism.

        Orgonomy, as a rational science, analyses the biological function of politics and its interplay with society.

        What happens with people, who are biologically in need and cannot handle their guilt feelings, free floating guilt feelings?

        If you attack them, they might contract, everything will get worse, the aggression afterwards is nothing but an escape from fear.

        The more violent you will do this, the less you will reach, it will end up in a form of civil war, in the worst case.

        It’s, all about understanding the biological need of people and the function of their destructive behaviors, so how do I send a message to someone, that I understand him?

        With contact, deep contact, beyond words, first contact, afterwards maybe words, a human being will understand this message.

        Will I reach the whole society?

        No, I will not, but I can reach many individuals, this is the important thing., as politics does not satisfy the individual longing of a human being at all, it is mostly not an expression of the biological core.

        With emotionally deep understanding, starting beyond the words, the person I am contacting can feel secure, if he does not want any contact, he is free to leave.

        In his situation of deep contact, it is no problem to feel one’s fears, and it is not forbidden to feel confused, the main thing is, that the, self-destructive and society destructive behavior stops self-regulatory.

        What should happen, if I am getting in contact with my fears and I am in a safe situation as an adult?

        Nothing. it may be unpleasant to feel the fears at first, because the express mostly childhood traumatas, r they are build upon them, but they need not all to be analyzed at all, this process of feeling myself and getting in contact will be liberating, and afterwards thoughts are much clearer.

        The emotion structure determines the thinking and not vice versa., this is what Reich noticed, and it is absolutely true.

        For example: A sensitive person feels the longing of a person, who wants to be embraced, as he has contact to his own longings, beyond, all words – an animal mostly communicates without any loud, it will understand a human being beyond words perfectly.

        We are 80% nonverbally affected as human beings, since the time of conception and the time in the uterus, in the womb of our mothers.

        The emotional plague spreads over irrational emotions, it has never biological core contact, mostly it runs over unconscious anxiety, deep anxiety.

        The fear is addressed in the normal neurotic by an emotional plague character, becoming a follower of the plague is somehow an irrational try to escape with the activity of the plague one’s own deep fears, as it is totally irrational, it is, always destructive.

        Reich was a genius, descivering the importance of emotions, beyond all words, for human life., and it’s function within diseases.

  5. My comment above refers to the answer of Dr. Konia on my first comment.

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