The American Two Party System is about to come to an end

A sign of the strength of past American Society was that it could exist for over 200 years as a two-party political system. During this period both parties were in a relationship of attractive opposition. Both were united in their allegiance to the founding principles of the American nation and were able to work together and deal with the social and political problems that their country faced as best they could.

A sign that the vitality of American Society is collapsing is that the two party system is coming to an end. This is evidenced by the paralysis and chaos that is happening today in politics and the polarization of the forces that constitute the political system itself. Today these forces are in a relationship of antagonistic opposition. Both parties are at odds regarding their allegiance to the principles of the American Government and how the government should operate. This confused state of the public is a symptom of the emotional plague in politics.

The far-left has always failed to solve the problems of armored people through politics. Religions have failed to provide answers through mysticism. Before starting a third party for answers, people will have to realize that neither religion nor politics has the answer to their problems in life. They will need to look inward and have contact with themselves for the source of their problems.



    • You’re welcome.

  2. In my perception it is absolutely true, what you are writing, Dr.Konia.

    In Germany the situation is different, than in the US, but we, also had a relationship of attractive opposition between the political parties about twenty years ago, hence healthy biological attraction.

    However, we now have a relationship of antagonistic opposition, in form of five parties representing almost identical left-wing opinions, with minor differences, and one small party, the neoconservative AFD, which is opposed by all the others.
    They are biological antagonistic, a biological attraction is excluded, this process is totally unproductive to destructive, it is war., not rational politics.

    So we do not have the party system about to come to an end in Germany, but it has already come to an end, it is very difficult to decide, who to vote for, in order not to support this destructive process, I personally see no political solution of this destructive process.

    Do you think this process might be the beginning of the end of democracy and freedom?
    For me, it feels that way in Germany, Eben though the laws, that grant liberty and freedom are still on paper, but the biological reality in Germany feels different.

    • Politics can not be people’s answer to social problems. The first step is for people to be clued in that their problems are within themselves. They have nothing to do with politics. Then, maybe the true function of politics can come to the surface from a functional perspective of the three layers of the armored human bio-psychic apparatus.

      • Thank you, I agree with you, that politics cannot satisfy people’s real needs.

  3. I want to add to my last comment:

    If someone thinks the, AFD might be the solution, as their program might be quite rational, he has no real biological contact concerning the, situation.

    So if someone votes for the neoconservative AFD. then he, without wanting will fortify the, antagonism of the five left-wing parties, and we will get even sooner a chancellor of the greens in Germany, which would be the, end of this country almost for years.

    So. Man in the trap, in my perception there is no political solution possible, because of the unhealthy biology of this process.

  4. I think the time has arrived to embark upon a journey to self-discovery …. as yet uncharted territory … to find, build and protect life … for the brave and purposeful. Any takers?

  5. One can hardly compare unstable Germany, Austria and the rest of Europe after WWI with the still remarkably stable America. In Reich’s time there was a huge and all encompassing “black shift” and, thus, his allegiance with what seemed to be (due to the perspective distortion of the “black shift”) the far left was only natural. Reich describes this in his book People in Trouble. After WWII it developed more and more a “red shift” on this side of the Atlantic which dramatically accelerated at least in Germany in the last 20 years. As a result today the AfD, which represents hardly more than German conservative mainstream of, say, the year 2000, is considered the extreme far right (“Nazis”) while, actually, the alleged mainstream, beginning with today’s alleged “conservatives”, IS hard core Red Fascist. As a student of orgonomy you seem to switch from being “Communist” to being “Nazi” but in reality you did not move an inch, only society went crazy and performed these huge pendulum swings in socio-politics.

    Question: Dr. Konia, you formulated the “red shift” for today’s situation, is “black shift” for the times of Mussolini, Franco, and Hitler appropriate? Or do I confuse things?

    • You are correct. The “Black Shift” that you describe was a reaction to the social appearance of the political left at that time. A good example was the appearance of German Nazism in the 1930s.

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