Politics is a Symptom not a Disease

Politics is a symptom of armored people’s inability to accurately see the world and to act accordingly. This is an ocular, bio-psychiatric problem and the underlying reason for people’s politically based increasing frustration and hostility toward one another.

In today’s anti-authoritarian society, politics is highly antagonistic and a symptom of armored people’s having become polarized into two, antithetical political groups consisting of liberals in the Democratic Party and conservatives in the Republican Party, and their viewing the same world from entirely different, ideologically driven perspectives.

In the past authoritarian era, prior to 1960, there were fairly equal numbers of liberals and conservatives in both parties and the the political forces within them kept each other in check. However, the infiltration of leftist extremists into the Democratic Party during the intervening years and the shift to the left in the political mainstream brought about the polarization of the two party system and today’s highly volatile political situation.
The danger facing America today is that the tried and true solutions of the past offered by conservative are insufficient to oppose the political agendas of liberal extremists that are designed to destroy the American nation.

A functional understanding of what is happening in our world provided by social orgonomy is urgently needed. For example, before any improvement can happen in social conditions a clear distinction must be made between the true liberal character, a politically benign individual, and the pseudo-liberal/communist character who is not liberal at all but an emotional plague character that has infiltrated and taken over the Democratic Party. This vital knowledge is currently being made available to the public by members of the American College of Orgonomy’s training program in social orgonomy.


  1. Another major stumbling block for the conventional thinker and the general public in today’s plague filled political environment is the lack of precise terminology to describe what is happening and the multitude of words to describe a specific action or political leaning.
    For example, these words are used interchangeable:
    leftist, progressive, hard left, alt left, the left, Marxist, socialist, communist, far left, etc

    I believe this is a quote from Confucius that best explains the problems that imprecise language can cause:
    “If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things. If language be not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success”

    To expand upon the last paragraph of your post above, I have included an excerpt from the “Selected Extracts” chosen from your book (The Emotional Plague) page 108:
    “The pseudo-liberal/communist succeeds in his destructive activity by masquerading as a true liberal. On the other hand, the true liberal unwittingly follows the pseudo-liberal’s socio-political agenda. Confounding these two character types has had numerous disastrous social consequences, not the least of which has been the change in relationship of the true liberal and the true conservative from attractive to antagonistic opposition. As a result, the conservative attacks all liberals, true and pseudo-, as if they were one and the same, resulting in endless political battles on practically every social issue including, in particular, questions of national security. It is therefore vitally necessary to make a clear distinction between them. Knowledge of sociopolitical chartacterology allows one to tell these different socio-political character types apart.”

    • Thank you, Steven.

      • My pleasure Dr Konia

        In news these days I believe we have many good examples that help illustrate the destructive relationship between the pseudo liberal plague character type and the average liberal.

        Senator Elizabeth Warren’s recent fall from grace provides a look into what can happen to a liberal, supported by the destructive social agreements occupying the greater social realm, who tried to cash in on the pseudo-liberal’s hidden destructive agenda. Her downfall occurred because she did not have the drive and the know how that only comes from within a true plague character like Obama (whose very existence depends on the ability to keep their hidden destructive agenda well concealed yet very alive in a well crafted and intelligent way).

        This is also an example of what Reich meant when he said that the conservative has a chance of remaining decent in spite of his armor and mystical world view while the liberal must eventually sell their soul to the devil. The devil in this case being the plague character on the left that draws the true liberal into no-man’s (or woman’s) land.

        This is the unfortunate circumstance that most decent liberals find themselves in these days and probably accounts for the recent grassroots creation of the “walkaway” movement that has lifetime liberals ending their support of the democratic party.

        It took me a long time to truly let in what Reich meant in the above analysis of the socio-political character types. He was able to see that the social agreements that govern our lives are a representation of our bio-emotional states. They represent the varying degrees of health and disease in the human bio-emotional character structure.

        I marvel at the simplicity and brilliance of orgonomic functionalism.

  2. Todays Democrats are exactly those murderous Red Fascists Reich warned against:

    Will liberals overcome their contactlessness and distance themselves from the Communists?

  3. Education in social orgpnomy is the only hope.

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