On Perspective

Perspective consists in recognizing the relationship of things to each other. It is a perceptual (ocular) function. There are several kinds of perspectives. Some of them are spatial (visual), temporal (historical), conceptual (thought) and emotional.
Ocular armor can involve distortions in any one of them. Typical of all leftists is their deficiency in historical perspective. The political left’s symptom of idealism originates, in part, from this deficit. Their idealism is the result of a disturbance in recognizing the functional significance of past social events to each other, an ocular symptom. It is a manifestation of their cluelessness and a reason that liberals can never see eye-to-eye with conservatives.


  1. Most people seem to follow along with the crowd in theor political thinking. If they live in the Bible Belt, or in a reural area, they will usually be conservatives, if they are urban, university educated, and live in California, they will probably be liberals. Geography and education are fairly good predictors of political views.

    What about people who change from liberal to conservative as they grow older? Reich mentioned something about this as being due to contraction of their system as it lost charge with age. He did not link it to any specific segment, but to the general contraction of the whole body. On what observations do you base this theory that political ideology relates to one particular segment?

  2. The eye block is related to mysticism, and religious people are usually more conservative than non-religious people, so I would expect an eye block to be an indication of conservatism, not liberalism.

    Liberals are most likely to be blocked in the oral segment, as shown by their fixation on politically correct speech and their thinking mere words are so hurtful and important. Liberals also have a block in the chest segment, of which the arms are a part, as shown by their fixation on non/violence and gun control. And they are also likely to be blocked in the pelvis, as seen in their lack of contact with their sex drive, to the extent they regard any indication by a man that he finds a woman attractive as an attack. Liberals also often are so out of contact with their own genitals that they regard the physical gentitalia as irrelevant and consider transexuals as normal, ignoring physical facts in favor of mental constructs.

    • Liberals are mystical too. But their mysticism is manifested secularly – heaven on earth. In addition they are more clueless about events in the real world than conservatives as seen in their support of extreme radicals to their left. This is seen in their chronic idealism, a manifestation of their severe ocular armor. I suggest reading chapter 13 in Elsworth Baker’s book, Man in the Trap.

  3. Another factor that contributes to the lack of historical and emotional perspective of people from most if not all socio-political character types is the contamination of contactful language that has emerged over the last 50 years during the transformation from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian social agreements.
    Some examples that are promoted almost daily by those supporting anti-authoritarianism are the following:
    1) non-documented aliens or immigrants as opposed to illegal aliens or immigrants
    2) advocating for social justice instead of the constitution
    3) “diversity” instead of the “melting pot”
    4) gay instead of homosexual
    The list is endless and creates a layer of social armor that makes it more difficult for the younger generation to be in touch with themselves and the world around them. I believe the armored language of political correctness is a bigger problem than most realize when it comes to having good perspective.

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