Problems With Marijuana

The central question that is never asked regarding marijuana is this: What is the origin of the powerful political force behind the movement to legalize it? Asking this obvious question allows the answer to come to the surface: Marijuana helps the user to be as comfortable as possible in a state of emotional cluelessness.
The destructiveness of marijuana on human life requires a bio-psychiatric understanding of the distinction between emotions and sensations and the drug’s effect on them. Marijuana selectively blocks the perception of emotions but not the perception of sensations. This is how the drug puts the user in a chronic state of emotional cluelessness. As a result, the user is relieved of experiencing anxiety and other painfully disturbing emotions. This selective numbing effect of emotions gives rise to the popular misconception that marijuana is just a recreational drug and is not harmful to health. In fact, it’s effect to eliminate the emotional life of the user is exactly why it is so destructive to human life and in such great demand. Since marijuana kills emotions, it’s use and political advocacy is in the service of the emotional plague.
Popularizing the myth that marijuana is harmless, or replacing marijuana with a more “scientific” term, cannabis, is an evasion. it sidesteps the destructive emotional and social consequences that center around the universal disturbance of human sexuality that make mind-numbing drugs in such great demand. This is the underlying reason that people resort to all sorts of substitutes including marijuana.

On Saturday, October 6, 2018, The American College of Orgonomy (ACO) is sponsoring a forum on marijuana at the Rutgers University Conference Center in New Brunswick, N.J. For those interested in attending call the ACO (732) 821-1144 or visit


  1. There is also the question of why was it ever made illegal in the first place? At that time it was perceived as something mainly used by Mexicans and the main reason advanced for a ban on it was to discourage Mexican immigration. We can see how successful that was!

    Many young people take up smoking it because of the outlaw image it has and probably would never bother to try it if it was legal. In any case, nobody today is unable or unwilling to smoke it just because it is illegal. Anyone who wants it can get it. Nobody pays any attention to if it is legal or not.

    In some sub-cultures, especially in inner city minority groups, a teenager is practically forced into using it by peer pressure. Any who refuse may be suspected of being an undercover cop, and subjected to bullying, social isolation, threats, or actual violence.

    Legalization would have zero effect on the number of users. The only effect legalization would have is to stop the practice of arresting and giving a permanent criminal record to the small minority of pot smokers who are unlucky enough to get caught.

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