The Functional Relation Between the Emotional Plague on the Left and Right

The following excerpt is from my forthcoming book, “Clueless”:
The emotional plague individual on the left operates subversively using his intellect to instill confusion either by political action or by inaction. The emotional plague individual on the right operates overtly using his emotions to instill terror through political reaction. For example, the Islamic State (ISIS) movement which operates from the far right originated from Muslim militants in response to the transformation of Western Society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian which was accompanied by a shift of the political mainstream to the far left.

These extremists reacted emotionally and murderously to what they saw as a threat to their way of life. A manifestation of the emotional plague from the political right, their barbaric actions suddenly caught the attention of a clueless public in the western world by generating terror.

Meanwhile, the free world led by our feckless, left wing president choses to focus not on the terrorist threat and the need to join and support the anti-ISIS forces against the Islamic fanatics but on ousting the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. He insists on this condition before he is willing to consider a military alliance. Knowing that he does not stand a chance to depose Assad, Obama’s political “action” is a disguised form of inaction. It is a destructive example of the emotional plague from the left because it generates confusion about what must be done. It effectively undermines the anti-ISIS coalition’s efforts to crush the terrorist organization militarily.


  1. Although I think I understand your meaning, I wonder if it would be clear to people who are not as familiar with your work as I am.
    You say the emotional plague individual on the left operates subversively using his intellect. Is this a conscious process? Aren’t there emotions –anger, hatred–that are fueling the “feckless” action? And aren’t there ideas — we are liviing the right way; you are all sinful — used by the extremists to justify their acting our their murderous rage?
    YOur ideas are crucial, and I would hope they could be understood by people not famiiiar with your work.

    • Thanks for your comment. This blog does expect too much understanding from someone who is not familiar with socio-political characterology. I refer the reader to my latest book, Neither Left Nor Right to get some knowledge of the differences in the ways people on the political left and political right think.

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