Why Do They Blow Themselves Up?

Terrorist Muslims come from authoritarian, sex-negative families that have been destroyed by the social upheaval that is happening in Middle Eastern countries. Early in their psychosexual development, these youngsters are educated to not feel (to repress) their natural sexual urges. As a result, their pleasurable feelings become twisted, distorted and experienced as something evil. During puberty and adolescence, their feelings intensify and, for some, become intolerable.
These young people are raw material that become indoctrinated and recruited into the jihadist movement by Islamic ideologues. The intolerance that they have for people enjoying themselves is a projection of their own suppressed sexual feelings. It is combined with a mystical loyalty to their fanatic leader that directs them to do Allah’s bidding, turning them into a weapon of mass destruction. Blowing people and themselves up is the sadomasochistic solution associated with an emotional (sexual) release through an act of physical bursting that they have been trained to long for.


  1. Les terroristes musulmans proviennent de familles autoritaires, dont l’attitude sexuelle est négative, qui ont été détruites par les bouleversements sociaux ayant eu lieu dans les pays du Moyen-Orient. Au début de leur développement psychosexuel, ces jeunes ont été formatés pour ne pas sentir en eux (à réprimer) leurs pulsions sexuelles naturelles. En conséquence, leurs sentiments agréables deviennent pervertis, déformés et vécus comme quelque chose d’insane. Au cours de la puberté et de l’adolescence, ces sentiments s’intensifient et, pour certains, deviennent intolérables.
    Ces jeunes sont des matières premières, endoctrinées et recrutées dans le mouvement djihadiste par des idéologues islamiques. L’intolérance qu’ils ont pour les personnes bénéficiant eux-mêmes [d’une attitude sexuelle positive] est une projection de leurs propres sentiments sexuels refoulés. Elle se combine à une loyauté mystique envers leur chef fanatique qui les dirige afin d’exécuter les ordres d’Allah, les transformant en une arme de destruction massive. Se faire exploser est associé à une libération sexuelle imagée par l’explosion émotionnelle fantasmée pour laquelle ils ont été depuis longtemps entrainés.

    • Merci beaucoup.

  2. Another factor is that some of the people who blow themselves up may not be doing so voluntarily. I interviewed a woman who told me her uncles, both professional hit-men whom she describes as “psychopaths”, attached a bomb to her that she could not remove and sent her off with orders to blow herself up in a crowded public place in Israel. She was able to attract the attention of the Israeli police, who got a bomb disposal expert who was able to remove it with it going off. When she returned home she was punished for not obeying orders to blow herself up.

    This woman is not from a Muslim family background. She is English, not of Middle Eastern descent, and her family are not either Jewish or Muslim by religion. They are an organized crime gang of British mercenaries who do assassinations and other crimes on contract for clients who often include the British government, as well as other governments, and private enterprises. More information can be found at: http://www.hermajestysothersecretservice.blogspot.com

    If a thing like this can happen once, there is no way of knowing how many other times it could have happened. It is possible that many of the incidents that are reported as suicide bombings are by people who were forced into it, not people who were willing to die. I would suggest being very careful about uncritical acceptance of reports in the media. Things often may not be as they are portrayed.

    • Let’s not get distracted by exceptional cases.The great majority of suicide bombers are Muslim terrorists.

  3. Correction: that should read, “were able to remove it WITHOUT it going off”. Sorry about the typo.

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