The Third World War

World War III is already in an advanced state of progression and the masses and their liberal leaders of the free world are still clueless about what and why it is happening. The War is a struggle to the death between the Free World on the political left and the Islamic State, (ISIS) on the political extreme right.
It was triggered by the unstable social conditions resulting from the anti-authoritarian transformation of the Western world including a shift to the far left of the political center beginning around 1960. The transformation spread to the Middle East and undermined the authoritarian rulers of those nations destabilizing their repressive hold on the people. Because of weakened social and political conditions, the development of the Islamic State was inevitable.
Islamic fascists running ISIS belong, from a socio-political standpoint, on the extreme right. They have a deep hatred for the unrestrained freedom of people living in the free world and feel emotionally provoked to destroy them and their liberal ways of social life.They murder westerners by mystically indoctrinating sexually starved Muslim youths into becoming suicide bombers promising them that they will be rewarded with happiness in the next world.
Another one of their weapons of mass destruction is using the lives of innocent Muslims as a Trojan Horse by displacing them from their homes while carrying embedded terrorists to infiltrate and destroy the free world.
The question before us is the following: Does the free world that is currently dominated by the forces of the political left have the necessary aggression and vitality to stand up to and exterminate the murderous forces of evil on the political extreme right? But first it is necessary to be “clued in” that a global war is actually happening.


  1. The king of Jordan announced that this a WW,
    “We are facing a third world war against humanity and this is what brings us all together,” he told a press conference. “This is a war, as I’ve said repeatedly, within Islam,” he said, stressing the high number of Muslim victims of the Islamic State (IS) group.

    Will the free world acknowledge this?

    • The biggest problem that the free world has is in the character structure of liberals because they are incapable of recognizing the existence of evil. This cluelessness has to do with their inability based on their fear of taking a strong aggressive stand in matters of life and death.

  2. Why The orgonomy not been able to develop on the territory of its scientific basis for being able to influence socially as have so distorted the Emotional Plague organized? It’s been 58 years since the death of Reich, but unfortunately the orgonomy not known and even more serious that the great work of Reich is not practiced and socially this absence allows the Plague to act undisturbed causing chronic assassination of lifeIt generates any kind of humanity battleship away from genital life.

    • The American College of Orgonomy gave a course to the public on social orgonomy last year. It is expected to give other courses on a regular basis on the same subject in the future.

  3. I rather doubt there has ever been any genuine suicide bombing. The Japanese culture in WWll had a long tradition of suicide in defense of their emperor, but the Muslim religion specicially forbids suicide and also commands the faithful to not kill the innocent. As a group, Muslims are much more likely to be law-abiding than Jews or Christians. In fact, Islam teaches that even unjust laws should be obeyed on the grounds that tyrany is better than anarchy.

    The incidents that are called “suicide bombings” by the government-controlled media in the West are usually fakes staged by the Mosad, CIA, or other Western governments to cast blame on the alleged Musim fanatics and make them look both dangerous and insane so the gullible Western public will allow their governments a free hand to wage aggressive wars in the Middle East. In particular, the Mosad has a habit of faking terrorist events to justify Israeli human rights violations against the Palestinians.

    I have personally interviewed an Englishwoman whose family, an organized crime gang of psychopaths who are often employed by the U.K. government to do assassinations overseas, who told me that on one ocassion her psychopathic uncles, hired by someone unknown to her, attached a bomb to her and ordered her to blow herself up in a crowded public place in Israel. That attempt failed, but it clearly shows that not all alleged “suicide bombings” are voluntary suicides. If such a thing can happen once, it raises questions about all the other times that someone blew allegedly herself up that might have been due to coercion instead of fanaticism as the Western propaganda machine claims.
    For details, see

    • Knowledge of socio-political characterology is necessary in order to understand what is happening in the Middle East. In general, Muslims belong in varying degrees to the socio-political right. Muslim terrorists belong on the extreme right and must be distinguished from most other Muslims who are peace loving and have a live-and-let-live attitude. This information is contained in my book, Neither Left Nor Right.

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