Why Liberals Must Vote For Obama In 2012

The primary determinants of political belief and action are based on the individual’s socio-political character structure.  Belonging on the political left, the liberal character functions  mainly from his superficial layer or facade because the morality and the ideology of the political left originate from this layer.  It’s function is to defend against the liberal individual’s perceiving impulses from his core and destructive middle layers.  This perceptual distortion is why the liberal cannot act forcefully when physical aggression is required and it is why because of his guilt that he is quick to identify with America’s enemies whenever there is an international dispute.  Despite his lack of aggression and free floating guilt, however, the true liberal has always been a loyal American and a supporter of her democratic ideals.

Then around 2007, a colossal hoax was perpetrated on the American public.  Seemingly out of nowhere and with little known of his past history, Barack Obama, an individual with an entirely different (pseudo-liberal/communist) character structure was introduced to the American public as a member of the political mainstream, as a no nonsense, honest to goodness, legitimate liberal member of the Democratic Party.  This was a brilliant coup that was accomplished, in part, by effectively concealing his past association with leftist radicals and, in part, by his being actively promoted by the mainstream media for what he was not.

Most liberal characters were unable to see this coup because they live almost entirely from their superficial layer.  Living from their intellect prevented them from seeing and feeling  what was happening in front of their eyes and in their depths.  This is why it was a simple matter for Obama to pass himself off as one of them.  All he had to do was feed them the liberal’s idealistic slogans that they love hearing enough times to sound convincing to them (“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”) etc.  This he successfully did in his 2008 presidential campaign.

However, the similarity between the true liberal and Barack Obama is delusory. In contrast to the liberal, Obama merely pretends to be defended against the expression of his destructive middle layer.  Cut off from his biological core, Obama’s superficial layer is entirely in the service of expressing his destructive middle layer against America. He expresses his contempt and hatred of the tradition of independence, resourcefulness and individual responsibility that is characteristic of  Americans whenever possible, something that is impossible for the liberal to recognize. No other Democratic American president no matter how liberal from Roosevelt to Clinton has been as disdainful of America and Americans as Obama. Because of the seeming similarity in their structures, liberals must vote for Obama even if Obama’s economic and social policies actually run counter to their own interests.


  1. The confluence of the possible re-election of Obama with the breakdown of the dictatorial rule in the Mideast (and the take over of several Mideast countries by radical theocratic Islam ala Iran in 1979) is a great formula for world wide disaster.

    Is this a rational statement that can be clearly presented to the American public?

    How could a presentation be prepared in time to have some influence over “undecided” and environmental or true liberal voters?

    These are the questions that concern me.

    I certainly believe that the statement is rational. The problem with the presentation to the general public is that all of the clear minded individuals, who have made the case about the truth of who Obama is, are not joined together in an organized concerted effort to defeat him.

    The “ists” of this world (i.e. communist’s, socialists, terrorists etc) by necessity join together (bio-emotional symbiotic dependence) where as the more rational independent people don’t form influential organizations(ACO aside) because, by nature, they value their independence and have some awareness of how the forming of groups usually lead to some emotional plague activity.

    This is one of the reasons why, as Reich so brilliantly wrote on several occasions, the lie has a distinct advantage over the truth in an armored world.

    If Obama was to get re-elected, it would indicate that the “coup” that you so clearly described had taken root not only at the highest levels of the American government but also in the majority of the people themselves. This would be a serious indicator that the pseudo-liberal induced fate of the U.S. might be closer at hand than even rational clear-minded person would want to believe.

    Your description of the emotional plague functioning like a biological bacterium in the bio-emotional structure of humans is an absolute necessity in order to get a true sense of what four more years of Obama will do to the survival of the American citizens’ way of life.

    If only enough of them knew……………

    • A weak America plus a rise in radical Islam is a formula for international disaster. Think of the Iran hostage crisis that occurred during the Carter presidency and ended only when the Carter Administration was replaced by the Reagan Administration. Perhaps if this lesson could be presented to enough people, it might help getting rid of Obama.

  2. The Russian freedom fighter Vladimir Bukovsky describes what will happen to the US when Obama, the red fascist, is reelected and when here in Europe the EUSSR is further solidified. Everyone interested in freedom and social orgonomy should see this lecture. He describes how Europe’s Social Democrats and Socialists had the same mind set (character structure) as the Red Fascists in Russia – and that Communists are nothing but pestilent characters:

    • Peter
      thanks again for posting this informative video and several others, greatly appreciated

  3. Dr. Konia, in the interest of objectivity can you please explain what a conservative who is acting from his tertiary or superficial layer and denying his secondary drives is like?

    Also, do you only consider secondary drives to be sadistic or destructive?

  4. Four more years of Obama and we ‘ll see the final transformation of America into a socialist state…

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