The Colorado Shooting Could Have Been Prevented If…

The shooting that occurred on July 20, 2012 in Aurora Colorado could have been prevented if the significance of seemingly isolated prior events were recognized and integrated into a whole picture beforehand.

Firstly, from a general description of the shooter as a shy, introverted loner it could have been conjectured that there was a possibility that he was some type of schizophrenic character.  Secondly, from the fact that shortly after starting graduate school he dropped out for no apparent reason, it could have been surmised that he was undergoing a psychotic breakdown at that time.  Although these observations were presumptive evidence that the individual was having a psychotic break, they gave no indication that he was homicidal.  However, a third observation made by his neighbors was a strong indication that he actually was potentially a homicidal paranoid schizophrenic: Shortly before the shooting, he covered the windows of his apartment with newspapers. To a trained psychiatrist, the emotional significance  of this act was a telltale sign that he was in a state of acute psychotic panic and that, as a result, he was suffering from persecutory delusions.  From his perspective, he was in mortal danger for at least two months prior to the shootings and this is why he had to arm himself to the hilt offensively and defensively in every way possible in order to protect himself from harm. From this perspective, it was irrelevant whether he bought a thousand rounds or ten thousand of ammunition. By playing the Joker, the murders were a psychotic attempt to defend himself from his inner terror by projecting the source of the danger to his life onto the outside world.

If the emotional significance of his suddenly covering the windows was correctly understood by those around him as a bizarrely psychotic act, it could have been possible to prevent this and other similar tragic events from happening. (Remember that the Oslo mass murderer also covered his windows just prior to the killings.) It is possible with knowledge that is currently available to educate the public to be aware of the behavioral signs and symptoms in people that lead them to commit homicidal acts.


  1. Dear Dr. Konia,
    how right you are! I ‘ve seen here
    a short video footage of this psychotic murderer after the assault. I think it’s enough for someone to look at his eyes in order to understand his inner terror. Only somenone to look at his eyes! But even if this is difficult, as you accurately pointed out there were many other signs for someone of his environment to understand his acute psychotic panic and the potential danger. If only society had the orgonomic knowledge…

    • Schizophrenics are ocular characters. Their primary armor is in their ocular segment which includes the eyes and brain. Covering the windows was an attempt to visually shut out the outside world, a sign of his severe ocular armor.

  2. It also emerged that in the days before the attack, Holmes, a cannabis smoker, joined a dating website seeking women for “sexy times” and also tried to join a gun club.

    • It is well-known that those with a schizophrenic character structure are particularly prone to become psychotic under the influence of cannabis.

  3. One more point about this tragic incidence: it was the gut feeling of the gun club owner that apparently saved some lives and not, unfortunately, the public knowledge|newswell|text||s

  4. It’s also about the psychosis of Western culture in general: the breakthrough and heroezation of the secondary layer. As one commenter writes quite brilliantly:

    Batman The Dark Knight could easily be seen to portray good as a weakness which is used and repeatedly exploited by evil – the Joker. The corruption of the good in people is one of his main aims – it is in fact the only purpose which can be discerned in the Joker’s otherwise completely chaotic acts.
    But for all the power of this anti-Christ portrayal, there is no portrayal of an equally pure Christ figure. An heroic man in public power, one of the main characters, is eventually corrupted by the Joker’s devices, and the only two good guys left – Commissioner Gordon and Batman himself – are themselves corrupted in that they must foster and live with a lie to maintain the illusion that the one who thoroughly succumbed to evil was actually the hero of the day.
    Batman, meant to be the hero of the film, is far less morally consistent in his pursuits than is the Joker. As Bruce Wayne the billionaire, he is portrayed as a jealous, spiteful ex-lover, insulting his rival and using other women (even three at a time) to inspire jealousy in his ex-lover. The portrayal of Batman is weak and conflicted compared to that of the Joker. The Joker’s character dominates the screen and the brilliance of Ledger’s performance in this role serves to highlight this difference.

    It’s the nightmare of the antiauthoritarian society: It begins with the Simpsons where we have glorified destructive “Barts” and vilified contemptuous “Homers” and ends with brilliant Bart-like villains like the Joker and Homer-like “heroes” who are a bore.

    I guess the psychotic Colorado shooter just “focused” and “personified” the utter madness which is ruining our antiauthoritarian societies. The 1960s literally opened the gates of hell.

    • “Holmes always rooted for the “bad guys” in superhero movies” according to one of his friend I think he was accidentally identified with Joker because of the recent movie. Although I agree that Western culture (and not only – just think Islamic culture) has a crucial role for the expression of the middle layer (the social context is always crucial), I feel that in the case of Holmes the bad guys was a “relief” for his distorted schizophrenic conception of his inner mess (terror because of a distorted sense of threat and as such a paranoid defense against it)… But I am sure that Dr Konia could clarify better this issue…

      • correction: …bad guys were (not was) a “relief”…

  5. Conclusively, the real threat (i.e. the “good guy”) is nothing but the orgonotic streaming inside his body. And I agree: if in Reich’s (authoritarian) times the threat for a schizophrenic character was “the devil” or the “bad guy” in the modern anti-authoritarian societies the threat is “the good guy” or “superhero”!

    • In our anti-authoritarian society, the secondary layer must destroy the core of human beings.

    • The degree to which the core is DESTROYED is shown by how “cuteness” is used (misused) these days. For example the most popular rapper in Germany right now, wears a very cute panda mask – which has between the eyes the sign of Satan (the inversed cross of Christ). Or take this cartoon from MTV – shown to your cute little children on a daily basis:

  6. There is a psychiatric side, a socio-political side, and an economic side: young people enter a world which makes it almost impossible to live an independent life. No wonder they get frightened and crazy and go occutard. It’s a sick mixture of state socialism and corporate socialism. Here an example, the problem in a nutshell: “This seems like just another sad episode of some government micromanaging the lives of many to benefit a few.”

  7. Was the shooter desperately seeking help by a blind and deaf society and its experts?

    • From a functional point of view it is correct to say that at the same time the shooter was defending himself by killing others he was desperately seeking help from a deaf and blind society that is still trying to understand what happened.

  8. The clear thinking of a conservative;

    Liberals cannot think because they use their brain for characterological defense. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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