The Relationship Between The True Liberal And The Pseudo-liberal Characters

In today’s anti-authoritarian era, it is especially useful to understand the dynamics of the social relationship between the true liberal and the pseudo-liberal/communist character.  It is generally believed that liberals and pseudo-liberals are one and the same. Those on the left also believe that  they honestly share the same political goal of bringing about a better world.  These dangerous errors originate from superficial similarities in the structures of these two very different socio-political political character types.  In fact, the pseudo-liberal takes advantage of this popular misconception and uses the idealistic beliefs of the true liberal to further his own socialist socio-political agenda.  Lenin understood the political function of the liberal character for facilitating a communist takeover in Europe very well.  He referred to liberals as “useful idiots”.

This relationship between the true liberal and the pseudo-liberal/communist is illustrated in the recent Occupy Wall Street movement.  The true liberal rightly protests the criminal practices of people in the financial and business world that have recently surfaced.   By identifying himself as a true liberal, the emotional plague in the person of the pseudo-liberal  character injects his venom with the same worn out anti-Wall Street, anti-capitalist nostrums that he has been peddling for ages.  The result is that the true liberal’s rational concerns about corruption in the business world are lost.  The emotional plague paralyzes rational thinking.  By not recognizing that Occupy Wall Street is an outbreak of the emotional plague, the public cannot effectively contain its social destructiveness.


  1. Many curious citizens and media outlets came to the first Occupy Atlanta event, and were visible shocked and confused by the consistent Marxism employed by the group. People abandoned their individuality and liberty to be absorbed into a hypnotizing collective. The facilitator made it clear that he was not a “leader” and that everyone was completely equal; words often spoken by leftists, but in this case they actually applied their philosophy. Into this surreal and oppressive environment, Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights hero and icon of American leftism, came to speak as has so often done at left-wing rallies and events in Atlanta. He is practically worshiped in Democrat circles, and was visibly stunned to see these Marxists turn him away. It was reminiscent of previous Marxist revolutions in history when those who ignorantly supported the revolutionaries are, over time, purged and rejected for the “good of the collective”, when their usefulness has expired.

    see here, its creepy:

    • Purging can be looked upon as a symptom of the final stages in the devolution of the communist plague.

  2. Dr. Konia, how absolutely correct you are in your analysis becomes evident by the parallel development here in Germany, where we have our own “occupy Frankfurt” movement which wants more “European Union centralist socialism” vs. the tea party-like “Aktionsbuendnis Direkte Demokratie” which fights against the slow formation of a EUSSR.

  3. In your book you provided an easy-to-follow explanation of why the word “capitalism” is actually a misnomer in describing the economic marketplace in the U.S.

    Here is what you wrote:
    “Any work function, such as the skill, ability, or work capacity of an individual, can be viewed as human capital. The source of all capital originates from human endeavour (the biological work function) and is therefore private. Capital concentrated in the private sector and capitalist activities go hand in hand with the development of democracy. (60)

    The transfer of capital to the state can be accomplished lawfully through tax legislation, as in democratic societies, or illegally by usurpation, as in a fascist state. In the latter, any possibility of gratifying work or generating capital is lost.

    (60) Private capital is an essential feature of a free market economy. The term capitalist system is a misnomer”

    From one of Dr. Harmon’s articles in the Journal of Orgonomy I learned of the origins of the free market system in the U.S., One of the founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, played a big role in designing and creating a financial and economic system which gave strong consideration to encouraging each and every citizen to express their unique abilities in the work place in the field of their choice (i.e. the freedom of the each working person to find their place in the free market system). This is the essence of later became known as “the American Dream” and why the U.S. has been the great land of opportunity since its inception.

    Joni Mitchell has a song entitled “The Yellow Taxi” and the refrain goes:
    Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone
    They paved paradise and put up a parking lot

    I often wonder if it is possible to get enough people to understand (before it is too late) how the American free market system is “paradise”, comparatively speaking, and if you don’t fight to maintain and improve it, you will end up with the a coast to coast “parking lot” compliments of the pseudo-liberal movement and its leaders.

  4. comparison between true liberal and pseudo liberal rings true…i do think some of the occupy wall street people are rational and are just protesting (unfortunately usually an impotent act) the fact that criminals in the financial world went unpunished recently…..however when there are these protest gatherings every nutcase comes out of the woodwork to participate..these characters can act destructive towards the positive side of the American economic system …..

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