The Components Required For A Large-scale Eruption Of The Emotional Plague

It is helpful to understand exactly how emotional plague eruptions (such as the “Occupy Wall Street” movement that is spreading across our nation) get started and develop.  There are three components:

1. A certain quantity of unemployed and unemployable people plus some well-intentioned idealistic liberals to provide a legitimate rationale to the eruption are needed to supply the “critical energy” for the movement.

2. Hard core leftist ideologues are required to orchestrate the event by providing the necessary excitation to mobilize and direct people’s energy so that it appears to be a spontaneous uprising.

3. As in all similar plague attacks, a suitable target-victim is needed for plague individuals to focus and channel their irrational hatred originating from their destructive middle layer.  In this case, the victims include the wealthy Wall Street capitalists and others who are arbitrarily identified as the ” rich”.  Choosing Wall Street as the target is an attempt on the part of the organizers to start an ideological  class warfare between the “haves” and  the “have nots”.

The true function of the “protests” is to express their personal revenge on those who are better off than they are and also to disrupt and ultimately cripple the economic activity of the nation. By not openly condemning them, President Obama is tacitly showing his approval.  He will benefit  from the resulting political agitation for the 2012 presidential election campaign because he will maintain a proper distance from those who are taking part in it and not not to be identified with them.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is not an isolated occurrence.  The perpetrators are already planning future demonstrations.  From an historical perspective, it can be viewed as the first wave in a systematic process to cripple and destroy the American economy on many fronts.


  1. Dr. Konia: I was curious about Occupy Philadelphia and decided to see for myself what was really happening, rather than simply following the press/TV coverage.

    Occupy Philadelphia seemed to me to be a “Woodstock-like” tent city occupying the West side of City Hall courtyard. The strong pungent odors of urine and marijuana were nauseating. 30-50 tents lined the area, some with furniture, bookcases, books, pamplets. An obliging park bench offered respite to a homeless man and his bags. One hand written poster stated,”YOU WILL CALL US SOCIOPATHS AND THE PSYCHIATRISTS WILL REMOVE US FROM SOCIETY” Working people hurried past, while extra police guarded the barricades. Reports of Philadelphia spending over $112,000 so far in extra police staffing have surfaced.
    Poets slammed drums angrily, reciting their poems to any willing listener.

    Some students at Temple University marched out of class at noon one day this week, as an Occupy Temple event. Several Temple students spent several days in NYC with Occupy Wall Street and held a Dissent-in America teach-in on campus.

    All this seems destructive, blind and sickening. My hope is to teach my children how to recognize and protect themselves from the destructiveness of this movement.

  2. Here is a short clip of a middle-class businesswoman who first-hand sees the reality of OWS. She addresses the original hopes (core goals) and the ultimate pathology that has resulted after being co-opted by the emotional plague. Reich called these characters the “freedom peddlers.”

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