Protest Movements, Then And Now

From a historical perspective, there is an important difference between the protest movement of the  1960s and the current Occupy Wall Street protest movement.  This can be understood as a result of the transformation of society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian that occurred around that time.  Both protest movements originate from a serious disturbance in the two basic functions of human life, sexuality and work.

The protesters of the 60s were a a product of the authoritarian social order.  Initially, they were a highly idealistic group of young people who wanted sexual freedom  (a core function) and to be rid of the shackles of conventional morality.  Tragically, the movement ended in disaster individually, because most of these youngsters were too disturbed emotionally to achieve sexual happiness and socially, because the movement was taken over and used for political purposes by leftist ideologues.  These  were the reasons for the failure of the so-called sexual revolution.

By contrast, today’s protesters are a product of the post-1960s, anti-authoritarian social order.  Unable to take advantage of the enormous amount of freedom and opportunity that is readily available to them in America, they want the exact opposite.  Many of them evidence a severe disturbance in their work function because the thought of working to have what they want never seems to occur to them.  Instead, they want the security of being taken care of by the government.  In sharp contrast to the earlier protesters, security is more important to them than freedom.  This is the reason that a large majority of these protesters are leftist ideologues.

The Wall Street protesters are an emotionally far sicker bunch than the protesters of the past.  Having no contact with their core, the energy behind their protesting comes entirely from their middle layer as bratty destructiveness.  The last thing that these protesters need is to have their childish behavior encouraged.  This is exactly what the Obama administration seems to be doing.  If economic conditions continue to worsen, as they most likely will if Obama is reelected in 2012, this group has the potential of doing even greater social harm by escalating their interference with public life.


  1. What Michael Savage, whom I always listen to when I need some sanity in a crazy world, said yesterday on radio fits perfectly to what Dr. Konia says here. Also what Savage says on human emotions is simply perfect:

  2. Although the OWS movement is likely controlled by communists/democrats and draws largely from neurotic individuals, it also has a rational component that so far has not been addressed. In a nutshell, the average person is angry that a growing number of multinationals can be excused for unethical and criminal activity, and furthermore, has unduly influence on politicians (practically bribery). This, in itself is rational, since from a true liberal’s viewpoint, they are trying to bring order and accountability to secondary, destructive practices from components of our financial and industrial businesses. Since the emotional plague is a psychosocial disease that manifests itself in the social realm, businesses and their CEO’s are not immune from it; as with the general public (since the breakdown of the authoritarian order), a “culture” of irresponsibility has arisen in the CEO and Wall Street world. The movement seems to (also) speak to this part judging from the fact that in a recent WSJ opinion piece written by a pollster, he found that most of the demonstrators in NYC were educated, worked, and wished to transform the Democratic Party. This does not sound like people who are dysfunctional. Furthermore, there also have been pictures of demonstrators in California holding up US flags while at the protest, showing their love for the country and capitalism. The question thus arises, how can the rational component separate itself from the neurotic one, and what can be done by the public to elicit rational social change in a system that is rigged against that?
    PS Peter, thanks for the link, Savage is an antidote for PC.

    • There is always a core of truth in the emotional plague and this is what gives it power. It disarms the victim which in this case is society at large and it is why the plague cannot be addressed rationally.

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