Are Muslims Integrating or Are They “Taking Over”?

Before this question can be satisfactorily answered, there must be a characterological understanding of the “cast of characters” taking part in the drama.  This is the study of socio-political characterology.

On the side of the Muslims, there are two groups, those belonging on the extreme right of the socio-political spectrum, who would like nothing better than to take over Western countries in the name of Allah.  There are other Muslims who belong on the political center; they are willing and able to adapt to Western ways of life and respect the law of their adopted land.  The former group believe that religious and secular laws are one and the same.  These Muslims are a threat to Western society, and  should be sent back to their country of origin.  The latter group believes that religion and government should be kept separate, and recognize and respect the rule of law.

On the side of the West there are also two groups.  For example, one group in England, on the extreme political left and including  government officials and law enforcement agents, believes that Shariah law should be applied to Muslims. Others, Conservatives,  want all people in the country, Muslim as well as natives, to follow the law of the land.

On both sides the central question is whether or not religious and secular law are kept separate.   Muslim integration becomes a social problem because Western Liberals are unwilling  to enforce the laws of their land. For them, laws are not absolute and can change depending on social conditions.  Muslim integration will remain controversial until characterological factors underlying people’s beliefs is understood and applied.

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