If Liberalism Is Dead, It’s a Very Powerful Corpse

In The Wall Street Journal article (“Liberalism: An Autopsy,” op-ed, Dec. 4) R. Emmett Tyrrell states that there has been a slow but steady decline of liberalism since the end of the Second World War and that as a political movement liberalism is dead. It is true that the usefulness of liberalism as a social philosophy came to an end after it effectively destroyed the mystical hold that Christianity had on people’s lives.  But how are we to understand that today those on the political Left are more powerful than ever and that America is fighting for its life to not be destroyed by the forces of the political left?

The short answer to this question was addressed in an article that appears in the editorial section of this web-site entitled: “Where Have All the Communists Gone?”  It has to do with the almost complete infiltration of the Democratic Party by characterological communists that started in the 1960s.  Communists accomplished this coup brilliantly by identifying themselves as true liberals without giving up in any way their total adherence to their communist ideology:  In full view of everyone, they are desperately attempting through political activism to impose their leftist ideology on the American public and to turn America into a socialist state.

An understanding of socio-political character allows one to make sense of the contradiction posed by the title of this entry:  True liberals may be on the decline but , with the help of the leftist press, pseudo-liberal/communist extremists have become part of the mainstream left.

What accounts for the success of the extreme left? From a characterological standpoint, the American public’s natural sense of fairness regarding the beliefs of others interferes with their seeing leftist extremists for the criminals that they actually are.  As a result of this naive and dangerous attitude,  pseudo-liberal/communists have become legitimized as part of American politics and the critics of the extreme left are slowly becoming marginalized.

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