The Perils Of Multiculturalism

The stated reason for multiculturalism in America is that it is supposed to “celebrate cultural diversity”.   Attempts to teach blacks, Hispanics and Muslims to speak the language of society around them and dress accordingly are denounced by multiculturalists as “cultural imperialism”  if not outright “racism.”  However, the real reason behind multiculturism is that it effectively sets one group of people, who are supposedly disadvantaged, into an antagonistic relationship with the whole of society, thereby fragmenting America.  It also serves to prevent the chosen group from advancing socially and economically. Multiculturalism is socially divisive and the ideology of masked racists.  It is a political ploy that focuses on the cultural differences between people, thereby setting one group against the other.

From the standpoint of political characterology, people who support multiculturalism belong on the far left or far right of center.  Their common belief system can unite these people from both extremes and become a political force of the emotional plague.

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