Can Muslim Societies Be Compatible With Democracy?

This important question cannot be answered without a working knowledge of sociopolitical characterology, the manner in which individuals mold their environment through their ideas and attitudes to fit their personal requirements.

Because of their strict authoritarian upbringing, most Muslims belong on varying degrees on the right of the sociopolitical spectrum beginning with the conservative Muslim to the immediate right of center, followed by the extreme conservative, the reactionary, and finally the Islamo-fascist. As we proceed from the right of center to the extreme right, the Muslim individual’s social functioning becomes increasingly irrational. His thinking and social behavior becomes more rigid and destructive, helplessness and irresponsibility increases, and his work and sexual functioning becomes more disturbed. As a result his ability to assimilate into Western society suffers. The Islamo-fascist on the extreme right is totally intolerant of Western democratic life and this is why he is driven to destroy it.

These characterological distinctions between different sociopolitical types of Muslim must be understood before attempting to answer the question. This subject is discussed in my book, The Emotional Plague: The Root of Human Evil.

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