Building Cordoba House Is An Example Of An Emotional Plague Reaction

In his section on the emotional plague in Character Analysis, Wilhelm Reich writes:

“It is an essential characteristic of the emotional plague reaction (see glossary) that action and the reason given for it are never congruent. The real motive is always covered up and replaced by a seeming motive.”

The real motive for building Cordoba House near Ground Zero is to show the world that by building a mosque there, Islam has dealt a major blow to America.  The action is a gross provocation and an insult to America.  The seeming motive given by Muslims promoting the project is “freedom of religion.”

This tactic of the Islamists is socially destructive  and an emotional plague reaction because it has successfully divided conservative and liberal Americans along characterologically based ideological lines. While conservatives can see right through the destructiveness of the Islamist’s tactics, liberals are completely hoodwinked by it. The liberals confuse the Islamist’s seeking power over the Western way of life with religious faith. By doing so, the Islamists have succeeded in getting Americans to fight each other thereby weakening the nation from within and bringing them closer to their goal of world domination.

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  1. …Speaking of many western characters blocking out of the grisly reality of Islamic Holy war and the conscious or unconscious malevolent motives , theres some interesting comments on Dr Simonian’s site on related topics..the barbaric acts of the Taliban…

    As I said there, I think it would be good to expose these parts of the world to Orgonomy, especially new generations, young people…how about using commercial server software to automatically mirror the ACO site and your blog in Afghan, Farsi, and the like and link to search engines in those countries…Its a poisoned environment but Orgonomy is strong and I think sometimes has a way of seeping into people over time after the basic truths have been made understandable…

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