The Tea Party Movement And The Emotional Plague

Since the emotional plague  (see glossary) is concentrated around centers of power, politics is a breeding ground for the plague and  plague-ridden individuals are attracted to politics to get power over the masses. Therefore, the emotional plague is not restricted to the Democrat or the Republican Party but to individuals making up the party machines in both Party’s.

Consisting of individual’s who are opposed to the encroachment of government into people’s lives, the Tea Party organized spontaneously from people nationwide who are fed up with big government controlling their lives through raising taxes. They are opposed to the idea that government can fix social and economic problems.

Although correct in its viewpoint, the Tea Party leaves itself open to attack by the political Left because the social and economic problems facing America that liberals falsely claim to be able to fix are real and require attention.  Therefore, when they are elected, people will look to Tea Party candidates for answers.  However, no political organization or group, whether on the political Left or Right, can supply satisfactory solutions to them because the answers lie outside the political realm.

They belong in the biological realm and have to do with people’s emotional sickness manifested in the social realm such as helplessness, a sense of entitlement, resentment, greed, a desire for power and so on. Unfortunately, the pathological impact that these symptoms have on the health of society is completely overlooked by everyone. What will invariably happen is that the Tea Party platform will become politicized and adopted by the party machine on political right. This is the kiss of death for any life-positive social movement. When the Tea Party candidates fail to live up to people’s expectations, the operation of the  emotional plague will be set in motion as each side blames the other for the worsening situation.  As happens every time a new great social movement fails, nothing will have been learned.

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