Ahmadinejad’s Strategy

On September 24, in response to Iranian President Mahmoud Amadinijad’s anti-Israel, anti-American speech to the United Nations, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a talk to the same organization condemning  Mr. Amadinijad’s anti-Semitic rants. In that same speech Mr. Ahmadinejad stated that most people believe that the U.S. government committed the 9/11 attacks. What is to be made of his tirades?

They should not be dismissed as the rantings of a crackpot.  His comments must be taken seriously as part of a well-calculated strategy to undermine the world’s opposition to the Iranian government’s legitimacy.  The comments were designed as a blow to the free world both within and outside of Iran and it resulted in an immediate victory for the cause of militant Islam for the following reasons:

1) From the reaction of the members of the General Assembly, it provided him with valuable information about the strength of the world’s opposition to the Iranian regime’s internal and expansionist policies.  Out of the entire General Assembly membership of 192 countries, only diplomats from 30 countries walked out of his speech (less than one sixth).  By not walking out, in effect, the remaining five-sixths of the members went along with him.

2) It provided him with a forum to tell millions of Muslims all over the world who have no access to the truth what he wanted them to believe.

3) It provided him with an opportunity to intimidate those in the West who are fearful of aggression and show them that he is able to mock and show contempt for the most powerful nation in the world and get away with it.  From getting away with uttering outrageous statements to getting away with atrocious deeds such as building and using nuclear weapons is but a step.  Furthermore, his tactic promulgates the myth that the Islamic conquest of the Western world is inevitable.

4) From his authoritative position as president of  Iran, he succeeded in casting doubt in the minds of those who are always looking at America’s faults on the truth of who the perpetrators actually were in the 9/11 attack.

5) And lastly, creating doubt about the perpetrators also helps to weaken opposition to building a mosque near Ground Zero.

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