The Problem: It’s Not Power, It’s People

People look for political solutions to social problems when the answers are not in the political but in the biological realm.  In the August 18, 2010 issue of  The Wall Street Journal, Ralph Nader focuses on the concentration and abuses of corporate power supplemented by state power that is overtaking American society.  He states that the public has lost faith in both major parties and believes that America is heading in the wrong direction.  He suggests that it may be time for a political alliance between progressives on the left and libertarians on the right because they share the same deep aversion to concentrated power of any kind.

Power can be used constructively or destructively.  Therefore, it is not power itself,  but the way power is used by armored  humans (see glossary) that is the culprit.  Focusing on concentrations of power and not on power-hungry humans, is really an avoidance of looking at how certain armored peoples use of power over others is a manifestation of the emotional plague. Seeking a high level political or corporate position does not mean that one is a carrier of the emotional plague. It is the character structure of the individual that is the critical factor.

My book, The Emotional Plague: The Root of Human Evil, shows that, because of his particular  kind of armored structure which is a biological condition, the plague-ridden individual must control the lives of others by have power over them.  These highly energetic but emotionally sick people are largely the ones causing  all the economic trouble. Incapable of genuine, productive work, they are the ones who are driven to seek lucrative and strategic positions in big corporations, the government, and in religious and union organizations.  They succeed in getting elected for the sole purpose of wielding power and control over others lives.

Unless the emotional plague is recognized and treated as the most important destructive, endemic disease of armored humans, social conditions will continue to worsen.


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