Today’s Public Sentiment: Neither Left Nor Right

A rally organized by conservative TV personality, Glenn Beck, brought out hundreds of thousands of people in response to the disenchantment that many Americans feel about the current Obama adminstration.  Many people who were interviewed expressed dissatisfaction not only with the Democrats but also with traditional leadership as it is today, saying GOP candidates should not take their vote for granted.  The three-hour program featured religious and patriotic speeches, but offered few details on how to fix the country’s problems.

People are dissatisfied with political solutions but are at a loss to have something  to replace them with.  This is because there are no social or political solutions to the problems that America is faced with.  The  conflicts between the Left and the Right are themselves symptomatic of major biological differences in the ways people think and function. These differences , therefore, cannot be addressed through politics.  Since politics is not the answer, the most that we can hope for is that people vote for the less destructive candidate.  It is not a matter of a “bad” versus a “good” candidate.  It is a matter of a candidate that does the least amount of harm by voting against legislation for political solutions to social problems.

The dilemma that currently faces America is that because of the extreme left-leaning infiltration of all branches of the federal government, the political center has shifted far to the left.  This must be stopped and reversed if America as it has existed for 200 years  is to survive.  The federal government must be directed by the electorate to stay out of the business of trying to solve social problems since this is not its function.  From this perspective the future choice of the best candidate is clear.   He or she must be someone who opposes the leftist policies of know-nothing politicians that are currently directing America’s descent into socialism.  That in itself would be a monumental accomplishment for any political party.  To expect anything more from anyone in government would be a pipe dream resulting in the endless shift between political alternatives proposed by the Left and the Right.  The Left keeps coming up with the same outworn socialist nostrums and the Right keeps opposing them with its “tried and true” programs.  And so the cycle goes on and on, leading to further public disenchantment with politicians.

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