A Same-sex Relationship Is A Partnership, Not A Marriage

Homosexual relationships can be legally recognized as partnerships without using the term “marriage” and all that it has implied for thousands of years in human history.

Marriage is a bio-social institution based on different biological functions of men and women, the most important of which is procreation, the perpetuation of the human race.  A partnership is a more superficial relationship than a marriage since it originates not from the biological realm but from the social realm. It is a social institution with already existing legal rights that can take place between any two humans regardless of their gender. The  legal advantages that heterosexual relationships now posses in the institution of marriage can extend to all individuals and therefore, there is no legitimate reason to legalize “gay marriages.”  Measures to legalize same-sex relationships function to obfuscate the crucial distinction between a partnership and a marriage. They can and will be used by some people to develop into an expression of the emotional plague (see glossary).

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