A New Particle Accelerator-An Unrealistic Expectation

Mechanistic Scientists like to build things bigger and bigger with the idea that bigger is better. One of their latest projects is the construction of the largest science machine ever built, the Large Hadron Collider, a gigantic doughnut17 miles in circumference at a cost of 10 billion eoros that is expected to unlock many of the secrets of the universe including the instant of its birth and an understanding the fundamental forces that govern it.

The LHC is unlikely to unlock the secrets of  the universe because the idea is based on some highly questionable assumptions. First, that elemental matter constitutes the ultimate  unit of the universe and second that all matter in the universe was created in a single event, the Big Bang.

There is much evidence indicating that the exact opposite is true, that 1) matter is not the basic constituent of the universe and 2) that matter is being created continually in the center of active galactic nuclei and quasars. This evidence is regularly ignored by establishment scientists because it does not conform with their mechanistic-materialistic view of the universe. Ignoring this observational evidence also supports their mystical hope that the LHC will answer some of the deepest questions facing cosmologists and legitimizes their faith in the mechanist-mystical view of the world, a powerful defense in the service of  not seeing the world as it actually is.

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