Socio-political Character Structure Determines Ideological Thinking

In his Obama’s Foreign Policy Success article  (The Wall Street Journal, June 14, 2010), James Rubin writes that “the Obama administration has restored strained alliances and friendships around the world, while weakening the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran and Hugo Chavis in Venezuala…with [Obama’s] call for partnership, respect for international rules on prisoners, and acceptance of the responsibilities associated with climate change, transformed America from a lonely superpower often seen as a threat to international order back into an  indespensable leader in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.”

The responses to Mr Rubin’s article in the Letters To The Editor column with the heading We Can’t Afford Too Many Successes Like These, unanimously disagreed with his assessment of  President Obama’s performance.

Why do people on the political Left and Right view the same reality completely differently?  Without a satisfactory answer to this question there can be no hope of a resolution to the perpetual ideological conflicts between the Left and Right.  In my forthcoming book, Neither Left Nor Right, I provide clinical and experimental evidence showing that with an understanding of a person’s character armor (see glossary) it is possible to predict how an individual will function in social and in political life.  Armed with this knowledge it would have been possible to recognize Mr. Obama as a pseudo-liberal character and to be able to predict his destructive ideological thinking long before he was elected to public office.

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  1. I can’t wait to read it!

    I knew Obama was “wounded” from the inner child work and being an adult child of alcoholics. Read the laundry list for adults who grew up in dysfunctional it drugs, religion, illness etc. they will meet this list of behaviors and thinking.
    Also my studies thru Jung and bioenergetic work the intense study of Narcissistic parents which I was wounded from.
    Now I have met Reich and Man in the Trap …moving along..grateful to know why the pain and what to do about it.

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