The Distinction Between The True Liberal And The Pseudo-liberal

The  true liberal and the pseudo-liberal can be differentiated by providing an example comparing Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman, a true liberal, and President Barack Obama, a pseudo-liberal.  Both belong to the same Democratic Party and both espouse liberal ideals, but there is a vast fundamental, characterologically-based difference in the political beliefs of the two men.  Where Mr. Lieberman is pro-American, Mr Obama is an internationalist.  Where Mr. Lieberman supports nations friendly to America,  Mr. Obama sides with America’s enemies.  Where Mr. Lieberman supports traditional authorities, Mr. Obama seems to respect authority but in practice behaves destructively against local authority,  is anti-authoritarian in every area of social life and favors centralized authority.  Where Mr. Lieberman is egalitarian, Mr. Obama is an intellectual elitist. Where Mr. Lieberman supports democratic ideals, Mr. Obama is a collectivist and supports socialistic ideals.  Where Mr. Lieberman is a political idealist, Mr. Obama is a political activist.

How can two people with such dissimilar ideas belong to the same political party?  This important question is discussed and answered in my forthcoming book, Neither Left Nor Right. Also read my editorial in the Journal of Orgonomy,Volume 43, number 1 published on this website.

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