Understanding the Goal of President Obama’s Policies

To understand the purpose of a person’s actions one must look at their consequences, or effects.  The effects of Mr. Obama’s domestic policies are to weaken America’s economy. The effects of his international policies are to embolden America’s adversaries and to unnerve its allies and therefore to weaken its preeminence as a world leader. This will increase  the risk of international conflict which will drain America’s power even more.

A weakened America will bring Mr. Obama closer to his ultimate desired goal, to render this country equal in stature to every other country in the world and place it under the control of the United Nations.  This unstated goal of Mr. Obama is identical to the stated goal of old-time communists – international communism under the control of the Soviet Union. This is another example showing that  Mr. Obama is not a liberal at all but a pseudo-liberal, and that he and the communist are one and the same from a characterological point of view. His entry into the mainstream of the American Left and identify as a true liberal allows him free reign to carry out his destructive socio-political agenda.

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  1. Just to say “Hello” and introduce myself, because I know I am going to be back here, I leave this note.

    My copy of Man in the Trap sits dog-eared beside me, first read decades ago after my first round of Janov’s primal therapy, something very similar to and in sympathy with Reich’s therapy.

    Several decades of rereading that book and the accumulation of quite a bit of life experience were necessary to digest that chapter on “Socio-Political Types”, with all its insight.

    The experiences I have undergone put me in a position to appreciate Jung along with Reich, and it is this synthesis that might contribute to the understanding of the particular psychology of this Messianic version of modern liberalism/socialism named Barrack Hussein Obama.

    His own narcissism is the result of his attempt to reinterpret himself so as to make himself strong and good, to inflate himself, while being able to label others, especially those orgonomically superior, as bad or weak.

    This egomania knows no bounds as it is a substitution for the inherent system within us, what Jung called the Self, and what Reich called natural functioning.

    I look forward to reading more of your columns here, Dr. Konia, and those books as well.

    Roy Cameron

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