Turkey’s Shift to the Political Right and the Emotional Plague

Of all the reasons given for the slide in Turkish politics from secularism into Islamism there is no mention of the characterological forces that are operating within the Turkish people to the current world situation. From a characterological standpoint Turks generally belong to the Right of the socio-political spectrum and most Turks are conservative characters in different degrees. Because of their conservative structure, they are uncomfortable with social conditions resulting from the shift to the extreme Left in Western countries. It is only natural for any people with a conservative structure even those living in Western countries to move to the political Right under these social conditions.

Unfortunately, this situation provides the emotional plague to enter and take advantage of what is happening. The Prime Miniser of Turkey, Tayyip Ergodan is fully aware of the opportunity that this situation provides for advancing his political power over the nation and the world by fomenting trouble between Islamc countries and the West.

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  1. Good points.

    Similar situations have arisen in the past. Germany and Italy also were pushed uncomfortably into the modern world with its superficiality, use of reason as if it were a religion, and abandonment of tradition with the erosion of culture and family ties.

    Iran also suffered this as the Shah pushed his people to modernize. Result: reactionary forces come to the fore.

    On the FrontPage Magazine website, there is a story about challenging Islam. The author makes the point that if you looked at a photo of the women graduating from the University of Cairo in the late fifties, you would see modern-looking women, without headscarves and with make-up.

    Now, on the other hand, if you look at a picture of the women graduating from the same university, you see women covered in burqas.

    Roy Cameron

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