The Arab-Israeli Conflict And The Emotional Plague

There are only two possible outcomes to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Either Israel will survive as a democratic nation in the Middle East, in which case the Arab states will eventually be transformed into Western-style democracies, or Israel will be destroyed, in which case the reactionary Arab autocracies will continue into the indefinite future.

The forces of the emotional plague employed by Islamic jihad are constantly at work to bring about the destruction of Israel.  One of the characteristics of the emotional plague is that no matter what course of action is taken in response to a plague attack, the victim is in the wrong.  The latest example of this plague tactic happened when Israeli commandos boarded a ship containing arms and pro-Palestinian activists headed to the blockaded Gaza strip.  This action resulted in nine Palestinians dead.

The alleged reason for the flotilla was billed as a “humanitarian” mission.  The real reason was the importation of military equipment to arm Hamas, a terrorist organization that is dedicated to the eradication of Israel. From Israel’s vantage point the interception of the flotilla by the commandos was a no-win situation. Allow safe passage to the ships and the cargo would be used to supply Hamas, creating a future channel through which Hamas could be supplied with ever-more advanced weaponry.  Or, prevent the ships from reaching their destination and risk international condemnation. This is exactly what happened.  Israeli’s action evoked harsh criticism of Israel from the entire world.

This incident is a clear example of the emotional plague in operation, directed against Israel by Islamic terrorist organizations.  The free world is completely helpless  to effectively fight this battle because the existence and operation of the emotional plague goes unacknowledged.  If this situation continues, there are only two possible outcomes: Either Israel will be destroyed by the Islamic fanatics or the world will see another outbreak of a major war.

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