The Loss of Confidence of American Voters

There has been a loss of public confidence in American institutions such as Big Business, Banks, Congress, the Supreme Court including the government according to a May 25 2010 article in The Wall Street Journal entitled Voters Faith Deficit Widens.

The underlying reason for this turn of events cannot be satisfactorily understood without knowing the operation of the emotional plague and socio-politics (see glossary).  Around 1960 there was a transformation in the form of American society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian.  This was accompanied by the breakthrough of enormous quantities of destructive impulses in the younger generation – expressions of the emotional plague – first manifested as hatred of all authority figures and later, when these young people grew up and became adults, as impulsive or psychopathic behavior. Some of these people became the union bosses, CEO’S of large corporations, politicians, bankers that today populate positions of influence. We know that emotional plague-ridden  individuals are attracted to centers of power because of their need to exert control of people.  The anti-authoritarian transformation of society allowed the emotional plague in the form of psychopathic behavior to spread easily throughout institutions of power. This resulted in the widespread corruption of these organizations followed by people’s loss of trust in them that we are seeing. This subject is covered in my upcoming book, Neither Left Nor Right.

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