Two Ominous Signs of Clueless Americans

  1. The transformation of society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian is not recognized.
  2. There is a reversal in the layering of the bio-psychic apparatus. Expressions and behaviors from the destructive secondary layer such as looting, destroying public property and glorifying Black criminals is tolerated while people who defend people’s core life functions (the police) are denigrated and criminalized.


  1. I appreciate all the wisdom you have shared with us. Thank you.
    Roseann Cappella

    • You’re welcome.

  2. Support of anti-authoritarianism represents a form of self hatred and self destruction. A few decades ago the concept of “healthy boundaries” was popularized in the field of psychology. If people can’t tolerate the depths implied in functional thinking they may be able to understand that the societal breakdown they are witnessing (i.e. the end game of anti-authoritarian society) is the removal of healthy boundaries in both the individual and the greater social realm.

  3. Your post brings to mind Reich’s observation that we live in an insane world.
    Even with the knowledge we have, thanks to you and Reich, these are times that try
    men’s souls.

  4. Do the pseudo-liberals and neo-Bolsheviks want to drive the USA into a second civil war?

    • They want to destroy the American Nation that was created by our Founding Fathers.


      I am not an American but it’s like someone hit me into my stomach! What an unbearable disgrace!

      • It’s the guilt of liberal politicians in power that are behind these destructive happenings. The guilt of American Liberals is a powerfully destructive social force.

      • Everyone I know is choking on that guilt. I am not. I feel like I am living in a foreign and exceedingly dangerous land with no boundaries. I have stopped talking about it with everyone. I am just glad that I see and understand what is going on. Your blog helps me more than I can express. Thank you so much, Dr. Konia.

      • You’re welcome, Judy.

  5. The “general confusion” that has been created since the end of the second world war in the minds of the majority of Americans has brought us to this point in time.

    The confusion can be described in this simple, easy to understand functional statement:
    Because of the transformation to anti-authoritarianism, the distinction between primary and secondary bio-emotional expression has been almost entirely obliterated.

    Until this distinction is sufficiently restored (consciously and/or unconsciously) everything else is relatively unimportant. All of the political posturing, elections etc will do little to address the bio-social fact that American Constitution can’t continue to exist as the binding life positive social force that it is under the extended state of mass confusion that exists today.

    I believe that the public might have a much better chance of understanding this basic functional concept than the more all encompassing process of the emotional plague. Obviously the two are interconnected but “primary and secondary” could be considered closer to the “white belt” level and the emotional plague closer to the “black belt” level of functional thinking.

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