The Functional Dynamics of Protests and Demonstrations

To have a functional understanding of protests and demonstrations, knowledge of the layering of the human bio-psychic apparatus, the biological core, the destructive secondary layer (the repository of the emotional plague) and the superficial layer, is essential.

Protests and demonstrations start from the superficial layer of people’s armored structures seemingly to redress some surface, social injustice. But in today’s anti-authoritarian social order, this is just a pretense that passes by completely unnoticed by a clueless public. Very soon to follow, with rising acts of provocation by the mob of protestors, the destructive forces from the secondary layer of armored humans erupt, gain momentum, turn violent and demand action for immediate social change accompanied by widespread looting and destruction of private property. The seemingly benign political activity quickly degenerates into the emotional plague. This protest-provoke formula, a tactic of today’s leftist ideologues, must be recognized by every opponent of the emotional plague as an age-old communist trick used by the political far-left from the early beginnings of the communist movement in the 20th century.

The left’s acts of provocation have the desired benefit of potentially exciting a physical reaction from the political right including the police so that charges of police brutality can be brought against them. In today’s era of mass cluelessness, people are more than ever in a state of helplessness and unable to defend their freedom. In this advanced stage of the emotional plague invasiveness into our society, nothing can be done by police intervention because it would result into an exacerbation of an already explosive situation and an acceleration of widespread social chaos and carnage. The destructiveness of the plague will be closer to accomplishing its final goal, the destruction of the American Nation.

Our hope is for people to develop a functional understanding of the social processes underlying the emotional plague’s operations so that future outbreaks can be aborted.

The police and others in government agencies that are in positions of authority must recognize these destructive actions for what they are, as acts of provocation originating from the secondary destructive layer of organized, emotionally sick, people. Individuals in authority must gain the necessary knowledge, courage and public backing to do their respective functions by exposing the provocateur’s destructive activity to the world so that the public can have their eyes opened to see what is happening. The public, on the other hand, must recognize the distinction between honest ideas and actions that originate from the biological core and perverse ones originating from people’s destructive secondary layer. They must recognize that the reason for the provocateur’s protests and demonstrations have nothing to with the First Amendment Right of freedom of expression. They are, in fact, its perversion originating from the emotional depths of sick people dedicated to the destruction of the United States of America. The problem is a gigantic one of people’s cluelessness.


  1. I believe you are absolutely correct. There is much to consider and digest in this post. Thank you for your dedication, clarity, wisdom and caring. Judy

    • You’re welcome.

  2. Re the three bio-physical layers I have a question. The core is more or less identical with the autonomous ganglia, the autonomous nervous system, the self-regulation of the organism (autonomy). The secondary layer is more or less identical with muscular armoring, impulses and counter-impulses blocking each other and, thus, undermining autonomy (heteronomy, the enemy within). But the social façade is strangely elusive, i.e., both the core and the secondary layers have, so to speak, a “bodily substratum” (ANS and spastic muscles, respectively). But what is the façade’s “bodily substratum”? Our actual “surface” (the skin and expression of the face), our brain (CNS)?

    “The surface of the armored organism’s bioemotional structure” – is a closed esoteric sentence: “armored” is an orgonomic term, “bioemotional,” even “structure,” well, even “surface.” People read this and do not understand a word, even if they somehow learn to use these terms correctly!

    • The core and secondary layers originate from component functions composed of organs and organ systems. The superficial layer or surface is a whole function consisting of the entire organism interacting with its environment.

  3. Dr Konia,
    You have been writing about the emotional plague and how crucial it is to recognize it. For those of us -versus the larger public-who know of its existence, it is problematical at how to get the masses to recognize it. This is one issue that takes added knowledge and time. However, something that is parallel with this and just as important, is how to combat the EP, since knowing the former and not the latter leaves one smarter, but defenseless. Is it possible to outline methods, both practical and theoretical, so we may all be more knowledgeable and better prepared to deal with this menace? I think the current socio-political situation has many teachable moments about use and contra-use.

    • Before you can treat any disease you have first to know that a disease exists. This is why recognizing that the EP exists must be the first step. The EP is a bio-social medical problem no different than any other disease in an individual. Diagnosis before treatment. This is a public education problem.

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