The Power of Distancing.

Our society is a bio-social system that has been in a chronic state of over- expansion. Distancing of the population is a sign of bio-physical contraction. It is a defensive state in which people stay away from one another and function more in themselves. Encouraging social distancing is one of the ways that the threat of the coronavirus is currently being treated to prevent the spread of the contagion from one person to another.

In the chronically expanded social state that existed in America prior to the coronavirus pandemic, people were operating primarily from their social surface and were more out of touch with themselves and with their biological core than ever before in recent history. Social distancing can have the effect of bringing people into better contact with themselves. It can also have the effect of depriving them of their daily distractions and typical ways of maintaining substitute contact with others thereby increasing anxiety and levels of contactlessness in themselves.

People’s tendency to politicize any social situation is ever-present. Some are already questioning the medical necessity of keeping their social distance. The long term economic and bio-social effects of distancing on people’s lives and of its induced bio-physical contraction at this time of social crisis remains to be seen.


  1. Truly excellent post, Dr. Konia.

  2. I appreciate that.
    Being isolated at home has led to deeper contact and let me focus on my writing.
    Some contact hurts, and I can see why I was content to keep it at bay.
    Thank you, Dr. Konia, for pointing out that the current situation is allowing a correction to over expansion.

    • You’re welcome.

  3. Excellent post, Dr. Konia! Thanks.

    • You’re welcome David.

  4. How the left resisted social distancing:

  5. Are eye’s diseases (myopia, presbyopia) somatic manifestations of ocular armour?

    • Sometimes.

  6. Another pertinent and illustrating video:

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