Are People Ready to Give Up the Two-Party System?

The American two-party system has become extinct and most people actually think that it still exists. It is another symptom of people’s cluelessness, of not seeing things as they are. To make things worse, because they do not think functionally they have no way of understanding what is happening in the world, in general, and why there is no longer a two-party system, in particular.

The two-party political system in America existed because the opposing party members were strongly pro-American and in a relationship of attractive opposition. This meant that although they had their political differences they were able to function together as an organization and accomplish their political responsibilities.

It is clear from what is happening in politics today that this is no longer the case. Both groups are divided along ideological lines according to what they believe are in the best interests of America and Americans. Today’s politicians are representing two entirely different populations, those belonging ideologically on the political left and on the right. Their ideological beliefs have become incompatible and, therefore, it is no longer possible for them to work together in a productive fashion. As a result, the functional relationship of the two-party system has changed into one of antagonistic opposition.

The political system seems to be working now because there is a populist, pro-American president who has bi-partisan support. Because the two-party system has broken down, the populist movement seems to be what is in store for American political life after Trump. What will happen to America when another populist president comes along who is not pro-American remains to be seen.


  1. The plural of responsibility is responsibilities, not responsibility’s.

    • Thank you.

  2. Is repressed rage one of the cause of hyperthension?

    • Repressed rage can result in elevated blood pressure.

  3. I wanted to make a comment off the topic of this post but related to the on goings in our daily lives.
    When President Trump won the election it set off a reaction by those who were already infected by the emotional plague which stemmed from their support of political correctness (i.e. anti-authoritarianism). Today we are witnessing the reaction by most of the population from all walks of life to another manifestation of the emotional plague.
    A very contagious and, in certain cases, deadly virus coupled the lack of public understanding and perspective fueled predominantly by the WHO, the CDC and the media has managed to bring to a halt most segments of society. It is quite breathtaking and disappointing.
    In most walks of professional life, a person or organization is held somewhat accountable for serious miscalculations. The fact that the CDC (i.e. infectious disease medical experts) are relying on haphazard modeling data to guide their containment efforts would seem downright laughable if it weren’t so tragic. So far the models that guided their decisions are on par with some of the unreliable global warming and climate change experts that we have witnessed over the last 30 years. The most recent model cited yesterday was estimating between 100,000-200,000 deaths in the U.S. with the ludicrous caveat “if strategy is implemented perfectly”. The experts learned from their previous outrageous and fear inducing estimates (i.e. how to cover their derrieres in case they are way off base again).
    With the election of Trump it was possible to see the “hidden” enemy (i.e. the EP) but with this new “hidden” enemy (i.e. the virus) the EP infection could easily become more widespread not as easy to identify.
    It will be interesting to see how healthy life is effected once the shutdown has ended.

    • Interesting comments.

      • (I meant Steven’s comment.)

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