America’s Wars Against the Emotional Plague

America has been actively battling the emotional plague on two fronts for decades; Militarily and knowingly in the Middle East and elsewhere against the Islamic forces on the political far-right; Ideologically and unknowingly against the forces of the political far-left within America itself. Victory on both fronts is vital for America’s survival.

The operation of the emotional plague is different in both. On a social level, the difference is comparable to that which exists on a medical level between inflammatory diseases, on the one hand, and degenerative diseases such as cancer, on the other. The danger of the Black Fascist on the extreme right is through aggressive and open invasion of the host nation and instilling terror in its population – terrorism. The affliction on society is is easily recognized. Its effect is to rapidly induce fear and paralysis. By contrast, the destructiveness of the far-left, Red Fascist, (communist) is insidious and gradual. It destroys its victim, (for example, the American Nation) by identifying and joining forces with established, political left-leaning political and liberal educational institutions in America such as the Democratic Party and Universities throughout the nation and pretending to be one of them, honest-to-goodness, loyal Americans. The result of this tactic is to slowly induce emotional deadness (cluelessness) and a putrefaction, (rottenness) in the entire society.

The great danger for America is that the existence of the emotional plague from the political extreme left is not able to be recognized by the majority of the public. This is the subject of my forthcoming book, “Clueless”).


  1. So true and clear. Every time I read this article I weep. Very much looking forward to the publication of CLUELESS.

  2. I shared this in a YouTuber comment

    The difference between extreme right and extreme left politics is comparable to the difference between inflammatory and degenerative diseases.
    ~paraphrasing Charles Konia

    Someone replied that if both ends of the linear model lead to dictatorship , then we should adopt a circular model, with left and right looping back towards each other. This reminded me of the political landscape model, expanded from the political spectrum, so I commented back:
    there’s a landscape model with a north and south, authoritarian and libertarian.
    I thought of adding a third dimension, for centralized and decentralized government (globalism at one pole, federalism at the opposite pole, nationalism at the equator).

    • The loop model is accurate because both forms of the EP are functional identical – different ways to destroy life.

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