Recognizing the Far-left Plague’s Mode of Operation

How many young Americans today are familiar with the words and music to “God Bless America” or The National Anthem? How many of them are capable of feeling love for America and being proud to be an American?

With the continued anti-authoritarian transformation of society and the breakdown of the two party system in America, the relationship between the political left, represented by the Democratic Party, and the political right, represented by the Republican Party, has turned from attractive opposition into antagonistic opposition. The institutions and programs that are for the preservation of the American nation are actively and systematically being undermined by the far-left through political subversion, activism and brainwashing.

The far-left provides the illusion that it is on the side of genuine social change and progress and the far-left media is on board with this strategy because the policies seem novel, exciting and considered newsworthy to a clueless public. Social issues that can be used to incite an element of social anxiety or humanitarian concern such as the destruction of the earth’s atmosphere by human activity (“climate change”) or open borders for all immigrants are actively promoted and are immediately front page news.

However, all of the left’s lofty social and political programs are purely idealistic. They contain nothing of substance but they have one thing in common: They are, in effect, opposed to the rule of law, are in favor of the continued destruction of the American way of life and its system of government and its replacement with a socialist-style social order similar to the now defunct Soviet system.


  1. Yes. “Young” people nowadays respond to sound bites and cannot give thought or focus to what is really happening. Their feelings are deadening and they grow in numbers. They turn against truth and attack those who deliver it.

    Jung Chang wrote about it in WILD SWANS. She describes the descent into hell that happened in China. She lived it and came through the loop. Family members turned on each other and turned each other in to the government. She eventually made her way to England and earned a doctorate. Very sobering and relevant reading.

  2. Listen to Ray Charles sing AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL. You can get it on

    • Thank you.

  3. My blood sugar is 106 mg/dl (60-100)
    Is normal?

    • Would discuss this question with your physician.

  4. Freedom peddling is how Reich described the agenda of the far left. Only now it’s freedom peddling on steroids. Sadly it appears to be catching on with a significant portion of the clueless American populace.
    Writings such as yours, Dr Konia, offer a brilliant opposing point of view. One can only hope they will soon reach a wider audience.
    Thank you much!

    • You’re welcome.

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