The Functional View of Evil and Sin

With the tool of functional thinking it is possible to provide a natural scientific understanding for the mystical concepts of evil and sin. Evil is an objective property. Sin is a subjective property. Originating from the destructive, secondary layer of armored human beings, evilness and sinfulness are variations of their common functioning principle (CFP), the emotional plague. They are real physical functions not just metaphysical concepts.


  1. An “orgonometric” depiction of good vs. evil:

  2. Aristotle’s Poetics

    Morally abasing

    Morally reprehensible

    Morally degenerative

    Morally ruinous

    from The Turkish Prisoner’s Dilemma — CHEAT SHEET, by Ανδρέ Σταμαύρα
    First, there’s a big appendix; then, there are a bunch of little appendices: the appendix is lyrical; the appendices are musical.

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