The Emotional Plague is the Disease; Domestic Terrorism is a Symptom

In the medical treatment of any disease, success depends on having an accurate diagnosis. Short of this, the only treatment possible is symptomatic. The same principle applies to the treatment of diseases in the realm of social pathology. Calling mass shootings acts of terrorism is inaccurate because the pathologic source is generally unrecognized and it does not reveal the true nature of the underlying disease process. Terrorism is one of many symptoms of the pathologic human condition, emotional plague, a social disease of armored humans that can appear in many forms from both political extremes to the left and the right.

Before seeing the whole picture of why these latest eruptions of the plague seemingly from the political right occurred, it is first necessary to understand the functional relationship of emotional plague between Black Fascism from the political far-right and Red Fascism from the political far-left. Black fascists typically react openly with violence to political activity from the left. Hence, they are referred to as reactionaries. By contrast, Red fascists are typically political activists and provocateurs. Their lives are spent actively undermining what still remains intact of the old authoritarian social order. This drives individuals with a Black Fascist character structure to engage in acts of brutality. The recent rise in mass shootings from the political extreme right are a reaction to the relentless, decades- long political agitation by political activists on the Left. From a functional viewpoint, the opposing forces of the left and the right are in a relationship of attractive opposition.

The rise in political extremism and the polarization of politics today are signs of our current social disintegration. It started in America with the anti-authoritarian transformation and the political shift of the social mainstream to the left of center. This shift was bound to trigger a political reaction from the political Right that is becoming increasingly evident today with the rise in the frequency of mass shootings.

The present social situation in chronic form is strikingly similar to what happened in Germany in acute form following its defeat in World War I. The social chaos and the economic devastation of that nation resulted in the infestation of the emotional plague, Red Fascism (communism) from the left. As a reaction to it and in an attempt to eradicate it led to a different manifestation of the plague, Black Fascism (Naziism) from the right. Using the tool of social orgonomy, it may be possible to prevent history from repeating itself.


  1. Dr. Konia, is it right to say that the emotional plague is not one disease but THE disease of the organism social? More, the emotional plague is THE human condition? Can one say, the „Conditio humana“ it either genitality (“God reigns the world”) or the emotional plague (“The Devil reigns the world”)?

    In view of this imagery isn’t it fitting that most, almost all, of today’s terrorism is religious? And Communism and Nazism were “Messianic”, also. All of their imagery was like a (distorted) illustration of what Reich described in MURDER OF CHRIST. Isn’t it that everybody KNOWS what you and Reich write about – and only you EXPRESS in clear words?

    And isn’t this the only chance orgonomy has in this emotional plague environment to prosper that the people finally realize WHO is expressing what everybody knows but nobody is talking about?

    • Recognizing the existence and destructiveness of the emotional plague on human life would be a necessary first step in its sequstration.

      • Dr. Konia, Re: sequestration vs. affecting change
        Being aware of the emotional plague on the socio-political scene is important, even if it does not affect us directly, it will, eventually. It is however most important to recognize its manifestation from our direct experience, however mild its expression, coming from those we are in everyday relation with. A personal experience of the emotional plague, connects an intellectual understanding, to a somatic experience. For those who know something about the emotional plague, at least mild expressions can be apprehend and responded to, accordingly. This is when we can DO something about it, in real time, and maybe effect ever so slight changes. We can’t wait for therapy, alone, to resolve this issue
        Was it Dr. E. Baker or Paul Mathews, who said something like ” a new conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged”? Would a whole body perception (experiencing), trump a sole intellectual understanding, at least in bringing about change?
        This reflection came to me from reading other’s comments. Please straighten me out here, where I maybe off.

      • Your intuition is correct. The first step in sequestration is to make contact with the plague within oneself. From that step, it may be possible to take another step affecting others. Speaking up publiclly in an appropriate manner is one opportunity that often presents itself.

      • Ah, “contact with the plague WITHIN ONESELF” -a most important precision. Thank you, Dr. Konia.

      • “A liberal is a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet,” is a common expression often used by conservatives. But I doubt that it is true. From our experiences here in Germany NOTHING, no experience at all, can change a liberal. It’s their inborn (?) CHARACTER! We had cases where parents, whose daughter was raped and murdered in the most gruesome way by “refugees,” were not at all furious at the criminals but at conservatives who allegedly misused their daughter “a second time” for their “Nazi cause.” I had friends who were mugged whose only response was to muse about the alleged “social conditions” the muggers had to live in! Their real life experience STRENGHTENED their leftist ideology! See also

      • You’re right. A zebra cannot change its stripes. How to get through to true liberals is a major problem.

      • I think that in some cases it is not helpful and can be overly limiting to view people solely from their socio-political leanings or socio-political character structure and we may be in such a time (i.e. emotional plague outbreak in the greater social realm in the form of anti-authoritarianism).

        In a strictly bio-psychiatric sense socio-political characterology is a necessary tool in order to understand what is going on in the world around us but in the current situation, where the emotional plague has taken root and is fighting to “maintain” its social status in the greater social realm (i.e. the macro), I think that many true liberals, environmental liberals and conservatives alike can be “sobered” up to acknowledge the increasingly dangerous social situation that we are facing. This is the necessary first hurdle of many more that need to follow.

        Most people not focused on the “big picture” will adapt and adjust to changes in the greater social realm consciously but more importantly unconsciously. This is a survival mechanism for humans. There are many examples of this in history and Germany in the 1930’s is the easiest example to cite. In the case of Germany, an emotional plague character was able to influence the social agreements that influenced the greater social realm.

        Eventually healthy life will have to develop the tools using functional thinking to combat emotional characters, their strategies and activity before they succeed in gaining social prominence. I am pretty sure that this won’t happen because the masses have been familiarized with orgonomic functionalism. You don’t have to be a mechanic to learn how to drive an automobile.

        Over the course of the last 70 years we all have been forced to adjust to the new destructive social agreements that have emerged as a result of the transformation from an authoritarian to anti-authoritarian social “order”. Appropriate life positive ideas that flow from functional thinking have the ability to uproot the current prime destructive social agreement (political correctness).

        Attempting to sequester and neutralize the current emotional plague outbreak by way of micro relationships in social realm alone will not have a significant influence on the macro where the plague is doing the majority of its damage. As mentioned before, functional thinking has been used effectively to deal with and eliminate emotional plague activity in micro social relationships. Orgonomic functionalism in combating the emotional plague has yet to be tested in the more important area of the greater social realm.

        A distinction between the macro (greater social realm) and the micro in the social realm may be helpful in developing strategies of “uprooting” anti-authoritarianism’s most effective weapon (political correctness).

      • Thank you Peter for this precision, re: “mugging” .

  2. The emotional plague in many times is easy to identify, I think.


    • You’re welcome.

  4. This video is a bit long and a bit old but it’s pertinent (and entertaining!). It describes how leftist activists and provocateurs, mere brain machines, drive reasonable conservative people, who are “physical,” nuts by audacious lying, innuendo, and upending everything. No wonder finally some vulnerable people crack up, get psychotic, run amok, and ruin everything! This is what the left intended from the beginning! No wonder Reich placed his articles on masochism and the emotional plague side by side in CHARACTER-ANALYSIS, it’s all sort of sado-masochism.

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