The Politicization of Immigration

The exacerbation of America’s immigration problem is not only about immigration but, more importantly, about the American left’s undisguised hatred of Donald Trump and his authoritative, pro-American policies.

The left has blatant disrespect for Trump’s presidential authority and the laws of our land. At the same time, the masses of immigrants are encouraged by their leaders (with the help of American legal council) to believe that they have the right to immigrate and reap the enormous benefits such as medical, housing, education, welfare that bonafide American citizens have despite their illegal status.

In the past authoritarian era (prior to around 1960) it was considered a privilege to be accepted as an immigrant by the American immigration system. The right of passage to legal citizenship was treated with mutual respect and dignity by both parties. In today’s far-left oriented anti-authoritarian social order, entrance to America is almost considered a birthright for someone from any part of the world. For the leftists, there is little reason for there to be legal obstacles that prevent someone from entering and living in America without going through the legal process required by immigration law. This attitude masks an expression of contempt and disrespect for the American system of law. It’s blind acceptance by the mainstream media is an indication of how far society has shifted to the political left in recent decades.

The confusion generated by the left regarding the immigration problem is another destructive consequence of the emotional plague’s massive infiltration into American society through the destructive force of socio-politics. The goal of the political left is to destroy the Trump presidency by opposing each and every one of his policies regardless of their merit including those on immigration. In addition, the goal of the emotional plague carrier on the political left is to destroy America by eliminating it’s borders and rendering it defenseless against it’s potential enemies. Without first recognizing the existence and operation of the plague in the immigration problem and addressing it’s pathological symptoms as a true bio-social disease, the immigration problem can only worsen.


  1. Wow! This is great!

  2. Dr K, Your essay is right on on! But how can our govt address the Emotional Plague’s role in all of this if it is completely ignorant of what the plague is & how it works?
    Many thanks once again for your astute observations on this subject

    • You are right. Before things can improve, people must be clued in to the existence of the emotional plague. I discuss this problem in my forthcoming book, “Clueless”.

  3. Dear Dr. Konia,

    You write that “Without first recognizing the existence and operation of the plague in the immigration problem and addressing it’s pathological symptoms as a true bio-social disease, the immigration problem can only worsen.” But isn’t this the very problem: Even without knowing the term the left is absolutely convinced to fight social irrationality. Even almost all “Reichians” and people who call themselves “orgonomists” (sic!) are sincerely convinced they are fighting the plague as Reich fought in 1933. Hysterical stuff like this just posted by one of these alleged “orgonomists,” calling for intervention of the UN and civil war to “stop the plague” in general and the alleged pest character Trump, especially:

    Why is Trump and the independent agencies involved in the kidnapping of children across State lines not facing criminal charges? Sessions, Nielson? The ICE agents? The independent contractors who have moved these children? If our own countries laws don’t consider it a crime to kidnap a foreigner’s child in our nation, why does international law not step in? If we don’t put this man and his horrific administration in jail, or at least impeach him, he will bankrupt our country both financially as well as morally before three years have gone by. We simply must get him out of office at all costs!

    The red fascist “by all means necessary.” If even people who admire Reich are that clueless and outright delusional… In their magazines they even try to “augment” Reich with Herbert Marcuse…

    • Today’s plague from the left sounds no different than yesterday’s plague from the right. Nothing has been learned from the past. A hopeful sign is that the College is planning to start a lecture series on various social topics for purposes of educating the public on social orgonomy.

  4. Peter, for a good period of time it has been my contention that there very few people who truly understand all of the necessary implications of the bio-social disease that Reich discovered and labelled “the emotional plague”. Dr Baker in Man in The Trap and then Dr Konia in his masterpiece, The Emotional Plague, presented the basics in a very understandable manner. In addition, Dr Konia laid out the entire “map” of the disease along with some suggested remedial steps that could be taken in the right place, at the right time by some sufficiently healthy and willing people.
    But there is a lot that needs to take place before these “steps” can be applied in a constructive and life positive way in the greater social realm (macro). One on one or in micro social situations like in a family, corporation or community group, knowledge of the emotional plague can be used effectively, Unfortunately in the current chaotic social and political scene some basics need to be in place before any worthwhile and lasting changes can occur (i.e. a basic understanding of the effects of anti-authoritarian society on the population and social institutions by a sufficient number of influential people).
    I often wonder how things would be if President Trump had a couple of advisers with Dr Konia’s knowledge of the emotional plague helping him deal with the overwhelming problems of being President in an anti-authoritarian society and constant emotional plague attacks on anything that represents rational authority.

    • Steven,

      The College is about to embark on a lecture series to educate the public on various social issues from an ergonomic perspective. This will be start of applying the necessary “steps” that you propose.

    • In older issues of the journal you can find some very good articles about the Emotional Plague by Paul Mathews.
      What it’s like when a crazy plague character rules, you can see in the German Chancellor. It brings all criminals from the Middle East and Africa to Germany and ignores all consequences.

      • In today’s anti-authoritarian world, the social mainstream is shifted to the far left of center. That is why the emotional plague from the political left is successful in destroying Western Society. The tragedy is that the political right has nothing to offer but the old solutions of the past. What is needed is a functional understanding of what is happening not only in Germany but also worldwide, not symptomatic, ad hoc remedies given by our politicians. The lecture series given by the American College of Orgonomy is being started to address this and other social problems.

      • that is good news Dr Konia

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