Bravo, President Trump

Congratulations President Trump for having the courage to single-handedly face the vicious antipathy that the political left has for you and your administration. Facing the left head-on exposes them for who they really are. Their hatred is based on the outward turning of their self-loathing and personal feelings of guilt onto others less fortunate, those they have been “chosen” to save. You are effectively confronting the left and preventing them from getting away with their delusional thinking and pretended “holier than thou” facade that covers their true feelings.



  2. Dr. Konia
    I was happy to read this post to your blog. While it is obvious and easy to criticize President Trump for some of his personal neurotic tenancies, the fact remains that his behavior with respect to confronting the anti-authoritarian attitude that is pervasive in our society has been “a breathe of fresh air” (i.e as opposed to the stench constantly emanating from the daily plague filled social and political discourse). As with most people, he also occasionally “supports” some aspects of anti-authoritarianism but when it comes to the most important social and political issues his instincts have usually been rational.

    • I agree with your assessment of Trump.

  3. Yes, a congenital liar, blowhard, adulterer, and serial bankruptcy artist with no attention span is a great man, who is doing a great job.

    I think that the term “useful idiots” is apt here. The elite know he’s a great distraction for their agenda, and still need to prop him up for a while longer. However, he will become their fall guy, and mark my words, they will turn on him and distance themselves and you will see you were duped like other fox news viewers.

  4. Dr. Konia
    Thanks for your post.I have thought about it. The feelings of guilt when them can be experienced with creative elaboration and knowledge , people don’t need to look for someone to save them from those feelings. The political left hopes Trump contains these feelings of guilt, as this doesn’t happen, hatred arises toward him, the person who holds the authority.

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