Gun Control is a Symptom of the Emotional Plague

When an emotional plague event threatens the core functions of human life such as a school shooting, there is at first a panic reaction which is then followed by the need for immediate understanding and elimination of the threat. People react automatically to avoid looking at the underlying problem and seek symptomatic solutions such as “gun control.”
Understanding the emotional forces operating within people that turn some into mass murderers are kept a deep secret. People facing their emotional depths in social encounters that have to do with core functions of life are avoided “like the plague” because the truth contained in them is too intense and painful to bear. This truth is that the plague is not only in the killer but, in latent form, exists in all armored humans. It is why people shun knowing what is happening when confronted with the plague and resort to substitute forms of contact and actions that can become an emotional plague reaction in themselves. An example is the politicization of school massacres by demands for banishing the public sale of firearms.


  1. I agree there is no real justification for the panic reaction to ban firearms, but there is also a real possibility of a panic reaction to railroad many people who pose no threat into mental hospitals or restrictions on their rights to engage in otherwise legal activities such as buying firearms on the grounds they are “mentally ill”. Who will get to decide? Drug-pedaling psychiatrists who want more business? Police officers? Clergy?

    Passage of sweeping laws to incarcerate people because of crimes they have not yet committed but might in the future, to register all people considered “mentally ill”, etc., are being proposed as an alternative to gun control.

    In some states, police or members of the clergy already have the power to commit people to involuntary hospitalization just on their opinion that a person is “mentally ill”.

    Gun control is not justified. But registering or restricting anyone who has ever shown any form of mental distress is not any better as a solution.

    • What you describe is the invasiveness of the emotional plague. Without understanding the existence and function of the plague, social conditions cannot improve.

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