Character Trumps Everything

If there is one thing to understand from social orgonomy it is that a person’s individual and socio-political character types determine all of his social thinking and behavior.
President Trump is most likely a high energy phallic narcissistic character with an oral unsatisfied block. Politically, he is a populist with a conservative character structure.
Knowledge of Trump’s individual and socio-political character types is sufficient to understand his presidential functioning from a clinical, bio-psychiatric perspective. It counteracts getting caught up in personally motivated pros and cons about him and in politically biased moral judgements.
To complicate matters, because of his high energy level, his oral unsatisfied block, his populist need to be loved by everyone and his conservative character structure, he is a contentious person who cannot constrain himself from getting involved in fights including with people he needs to be able to work productively with.
Seeming to thrive on controversy and easily provoked, he gives his opponents every opportunity to enter into inconsequential political distractions on a daily basis. This is the wasteland of partisan politics, a symptom of America’s polarized and increasingly clueless society.


  1. The title of this posting and its content brought to mind “Trump’s character structure trumps Trump’s agenda”. A little humor is needed to survive the current state of affairs.
    If there is one thing I hope for that could emerge in the public arena over the next few years, it would be the following:
    Some politically responsible and concerned American citizens, who have influence in the social arena, acquire a clear perspective of what the Trump election as President (and all of the muss and fuss around it) really represents. It is a clash between the views of authoritarian society vs the views of the new emerging anti-authoritarian society. I realize that “my hope” is next to impossible without reading and acquiring an understanding of some of the new socio-political concepts that you helped develop and introduced in your books. This knowledge, along with an informed historical perspective, is essential if anything constructive is to emerge from the “battle’ that is on going between the “two sides”.
    One of the intentions of creating the the booklet with the extracts from the Emotional Plague was that I thought it would be a very useful tool in helping introduce concepts like anti-authoritarian society to those who did not want to take the time to grasp the deeper non socio-political aspects of your writings.
    It is obvious for many to see or at least sense that anxiety has increased across the socio-political spectrum of American society since Trumps’ election. Most people do not understand its (i.e. high levels of social anxiety and acting out) true source. Acquiring a basic understanding of the functional concepts that accurately help explain the “clash for survival” between authoritarian and anti-authoritarian society in simple terms may be a productive way to decrease the high anxiety level and confusion for many people.
    If people experience a reduction in anxiety through a better understanding of what is actually going on around them socially and politically then they may be attracted to the source of that knowledge (i.e. functional thinking and the ACO).
    That being said, the use of “conventional words and terms” is the key to communicating this useful and practical knowledge to those who may be interested and looking for some “relief”.
    Wishing you a healthy, productive and happy 2018

  2. This happens when the nephew of MLK tries to bring some reason and sanity to America’s polarized and increasingly clueless society:

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