Why Trump is Hated By the Left.

From a characterological perspective,Trump belongs somewhere on the political right. His armor is primarily in his musculature not in his intellect as in the case of leftists. He has a strong moral sense of “right” and “wrong” and probably will not be afraid to use his authority defending his convictions when he feels it necessary to do so.

These are qualities that terrify liberals. The hatred of Trump by people on the left comes from their deep fear of physical aggression and of strong individual – not collective – authority. Not having their aggression at their disposal, their weapon of choice is the use of their intellect. Because they are in conflict internally with their personal fear and hatred of aggression,Trump is seen by them as a frightening individual no different than the old time Nazis.

Leftists unconsciously respect authority out of fear. Their underlying fear of aggression is why they twist social issues into their preconceived belief-systems such as, for example, that all human beings are good and that all social problems can be solved through collective dialogue. These beliefs are supported by their relative morality of political correctness. But, whenever possible, they will reveal their true hatred of genuine authority by acting in subversive ways. This characteristic mind-set is the reason that many leftists are in a state of panic over Trump’s election because the energy behind their personal enmity has no satisfactory social outlet.

By contrast, people on the political right are not in conflict with their feelings of aggression and so have no need to get caught up in politically correct attitudes and ideas.They can respect authority figures and have emotions of affection and even feelings of gratitude for the person in authority.

This distinction based on emotional forces underlying the character structure of people on the left and right is sufficient to explain the social dynamics underlying the political outcome of the 2016 presidential election.


  1. I think that there may be another factor in people’s hatred of Trump. The election of Donald Trump has shone the light brightly on the current anti-authoritarian social agreement called political correctness. The election results represents approximately the % of people who want to continue to follow the path of anti-authoritarianism and those who do not.

    Anytime someone in position of authority or a substantial segment of society acts in a way to disregard or go against a prevailing social agreement, anxiety will be greatly heightened in those who hold the social agreement in high esteem. I think this may be part of what we are witnessing in people’s reactions since the election.

    While I can easily see the destructive nature of political correctness, those whose character structure’s make them susceptible to believing in it have no where to turn in their heightened state of anxiety. And of course the infected media and other plague characters are more than happy to do all they can to increase people’s state of anxiety resulting in some of the disgraceful and destructive acting out that has become a daily occurrence by thousands of lost souls over the last few months.

    Barring the unlikely emergence of some functional thinkers on the social scene with significant social status and respect, it is very likely that social anxiety will continue at a very high level for quite a while.

    • You are right on.

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