The Morality’s of the Left and the Right

The morality of political correctness is a layer of social armor that developed spontaneously from the character structure of leftist intellectuals in the 60s. It’s functions were to destroy the old authoritarian order and to defend the destructive social consequences that resulted from the anti-authoritarian transformation of society.
Around the same time, the morality of conservatism and the Conservative Party appeared spontaneously from the political right. It’s rational functions were to conserve what was of value in the institutions of the old authoritarian order and to regain stability in social life by politically opposing the destructiveness of the left’s “progressivism.”
But, because of the transformation of society into anti-authoritarianism, the evil genie of social destructiveness (the emotional plague) was out of the bottle and there was nothing that any politician including those on the right could do to reverse the inevitable erosion in social, political and economic life brought on by the forces of the left: Without a doubt, it became clear that politics was not the answer to humanities problems and to its social pathology.


  1. Dr. Konia,
    Speaking of politics and character, do you think Trump warrants a revision of his earlier character structure?
    As President-elect, he has not shown any signs of impulsivity (i.e. revenge or other destructive acting out), but on the contrary, has kept a “cool head,” and even met with many of his enemies-which is already peculiar for a phallic.
    So the question remains: Being that he is a phallic since he is narcissistic and aggressive–and no other character fits–is it possible that he is relatively healthy and without a meaningful oral block?

    • Trump is a phallic narcissistic character with an oral unsatisfied block. Now that he is president elect, he does not have time to shoot off his mouth. He has more important things to do and he is doing them. He still says inappropriate things. He can’t help himself.

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