Understanding the Trump Phenomenon

In order to know the reason for Donald Trump’s enormous popularity it is first necessary to understand that there has been an incessant shift leftward in American politics especially during the Obama Administration. Originating from the political right, the Trump Phenomenon is simply a reaction to this shift to the left. The core of truth in the Trump Phenomenon is that people are fed up with having the left’s morality of political correctness shoved down their throats and Trump is the one that has led the battle against it. No other politician has had the courage to face this scourge head on.

However, the problem with Trump is that, like every other politician, he has nothing else to offer except perhaps a desire to return to the “good old days”. But this is an illusion. The genie is out of the bottle in terms of the enormous levels of human destructiveness contained in people’s destructive secondary layer. This reality is why humanity’s problems are outside of the political realm and no politician has any clue about what they are or how to go about dealing with them. Not looking to politicians like Trump, Obama and others for answers would be a step in the right direction. Hopefully, it could lead to some people’s looking inward at themselves and not to politics.


  1. Dr. Konia,
    Thanks for keeping the train on the tracks. Amidst the circus , it’s easy to get confused and de-railed. Your ongoing clarity is helpful and much appreciated.

    • The plague operates by generating confusion. This is why maintaining clarity is so important.

  2. Tragically, the terrortist attacks in Brussels yesterday give the people on this side of the pond another chance to see the deadly and predictable results of politcal correctness in an anti-authoritarian world.

    In North America, we still have some time and enough land space to avoid the same fate of a failing European civilization if we can learn as individuals and as a society
    1) to defend ourselves properly and adequately
    2) to distinguish between primary and secondary emotionary drives and expressions.

    With this acquired knowledge available and in hand, many of the so called big problems we face would be handled with relative ease.

    This is a longshot but hopeful sentiment and brings the lyrics from a favorite song of mine to mind.

    • What are the lyrics?

      • The lyrics took a little explanation so I decided to leave them out but since you asked, here they are

        “And all the obstacles along the way
        Sometimes may feel so tremendous
        There are guides and spirits all along the way
        Who will befriend us”

        For me “the guides and spirits” are those who have maintained sufficient contact with their biological core and who have devoted their lives to understanding and teaching others about the way that nature functions in humans and in the world around them

      • Thank you

  3. Although politics is not a complete answer, it is still an important start since the President of the US has tremendous influence. Where would the masses have a better chance of being in touch with reality and responsibility? Under Trump-who you state fights PC with reason-or Clinton who is a criminal and was subversive as Secretary of State?
    At the minimum (which has serious consequences), a leader who fights against pseudo-Liberalism with a courageous, no-nonsense approach will likely embolden some of the suppressed core impulses also. A recent case in point: The American College of Pediatrics made a resounding and forceful call to outlaw “transgenderism” for children, calling it child abuse. One wonders if the Trump Phenomena had something to do with this highly controversial and courageous act.

    • I’m not sure because I don’t understand Trump but if he really is what he appears to be, unquestioningly he is the better choice. He might begin to stop America’s leftward movement into the hell of socialism.

  4. A fascinating debate/interview about the collapse of the western political system, the end of politics, the outbreak of destructive drives, the evil idiocy of the Left. and Trump’s role in all of it:

  5. Donald Trump, contact, true conservatism, and work democracy:

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