The Emotional Plague in Politics

In order to make sense social events, functional knowledge of the three fundamental layers of the human bio-psychic apparatus is essential. These are 1) the biological core, 2) the destructive middle layer and 3) the superficial layer.

All constructive social and political activity originates from the biological core, traveling outward to the periphery and being expressed without distortion from the social surface. In the presence of armor, impulses from the core are blocked by the middle layer and become irrational, harsh and socially destructive.

A politician’s functioning from his core and secondary layers defines his socio-political character diagnosis. However, in their daily interactions all successful politicians function from their superficial layer or facade and this is why political activity is almost always identical with the surface of social life. Nothing is ever revealed about what is going on in the social depths (“behind the scenes”) until much later. Because a politician’s survival depends on his appearing to be what he is on the surface, it is difficult for most people to distinguish one politician from another.
A politician’s boldfaced lies are likely to be believed as true by the public if they are expressed in a convincingly charming and “reasonable” manner. People invest an enormous amount of emotional energy to maintain their political ideas originating from their own destructive middle layer. This is done mainly through holding to the relative morality (political correctness) of the left and that of the absolute morality of the right.

People are increasingly in jeopardy of losing contact with their own depths. They are incapable of having a sense of the destructive middle layer and the biological core in their politicians. To make matters worse, in today’s antiauthoritarian society, the biological core is rarely, if ever, represented in social and political life while impulses from the destructive middle layer and surface are expressed everywhere.

The emotional plague in politics will run amuck as it is currently doing in this election year until people begin to have an understanding of the socio-political character structures of their leaders and can make a distinction between political activity originating from the three layers of people’s bio-psychic apparatus.


  1. Since the emotional plague is so hidden and rampant, it will ultimately destroy our upcoming elections if it is not stopped. How would a sincere politician go about doing this? Is it feasible to answer this, since everyone engaged in any social field could also use tools to defend themselves.

    • The problem is as much with people as it is with politicians. When people look for political answers they lose sight of the proper function of politics and, at the same time, they lose sight of first being responsible for themselves. The problem is one of people’s cluelessness (con tactlessness) about these important matters. A sign of a sincere politician would be someone who would not claim to have answers without first understanding the social problem. It took someone who is a good physician like candidate Ben Carson to say as much and look at what happened to his popularity. The bottom line is that people first have to be educated about the true function of politics so that they open their eyes and not look for political salvation and start looking inward. The first step would be to recognize that the emotional plague is not only outside but inside too.

  2. Ben Carson is a good surgeon, but he is also a Christian Fundamentalist who is convinced of several things that are contrary to the modern scientific world-view of which orgonomy is a part. The idea of a president of a modern, first-world country with nuclear weapons thinking an invisible Superman in the sky is behind everything that happens and has plans that include the destruction of the world in the near future is frightening to many people who tend to be among the most educated people in the population.

    One can be a good surgeon with such beliefs, but being president should at the very least require better contact with reality. His decline in popularity may have something to do with his frequent esposal of such doctrines.

    • Ben Carson’s one important trait at being a good leader and that is he is not good at selling himself.

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