Identifying Muslim Terrorists Through Character Profiling

People can be easily fooled when a mass killing occurs because they typically focus exclusively on the killer’s superficial behavior. This is what happened recently when a Muslim in Tennessee went on a killing spree murdering four Marines. One classmate of the killer who was friendly with him said that he was shocked by the news and was filled with disbelief since the killer was socially outgoing and had lots of friends.
From a functional perspective, we know that there are all kinds of Muslims. On one end of the spectrum are those that have a live-and-let-live attitude. On the other are those who identify themselves as political Muslims and have their allegiance to Islam. The former group knows and respects the distinction between religious and secular law.
The latter group is too emotionally sick to take advantage of the opportunities that living in a free country such as America offers. Therefore, this group which, incidentally could include non-Arab Muslims, would rather go to a better, next world by doing Allah’s bidding. These personal feelings give rise to their political ideology, to identify the Muslim religion with the State and therefore that it is the responsibility of all true Muslims to expand and conquer the world by killing off all non-believers if necessary. The Islamic State or ISIS is an example of this type.
Much of the confusion about Muslims arises from ignorance of the different socio-political character types that apply to all people including Muslims. However, unlike other people, because of their strong family ties, their tribal roots and their strict authoritarian upbringing, most Arabs belong in varying degrees to the right of the sociopolitical spectrum. Beginning with the conservative Arab to the immediate right of center and moving rightward, there is the extreme conservative, followed by the reactionary and finally the fascist Arab: the Islamic fascist on the extreme right who stands for absolute authoritarianism.
By appearing to be a loyal American, the Islamic Fascist character can circulate freely in Western society and carry out his destructiveness in full view of everyone.
In order to identify these individuals, the application of socio-political characterology to human behavior is essential. People must be able to look into the emotional depths of these emotional plague characters in order to identify them. With the knowledge that is currently available, it is possible to have an accurate profile of these emotional plague characters before they have an opportunity to act destructively. This knowledge and how to use it is in my first book, The Emotional Plague, The Root of Human Evil.


  1. As someone who had read many of Reich’s books, many articles in the journal and Dr Baker’s Man in the Trap, I thought I had a decent understanding of the way the biological basis of human emotions and the destructive ways that people sometimes behaved.

    But it wasn’t until I read your book, The Emotional Plague, that I became familar with the concept of socio-politcal characterlogy and its relationship to individual behavior.

    It provided me with a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of destructive human behavior and was just one of several dozen gems that I acquired in readning the book

    thanks again for your efforts

  2. On point:

  3. Abdulazeez, while he wrote about escaping the prison of what he termed Dunya (this world), in reality (and this is typical of all such cases), he was living in his own prison…

  4. I question how much religion, in the western sense of the term, has to do with the actions of Muslim individuals who take armed action against the West. Secular political motives, such as resentment against American domination of their home countries, desire to overthrow regional dictatorships sponsored by the U.S., and revenge for the victims of American and Israeli military actiobns are more likely to be the cause of deciding to take action. The same was true in Northern Ireland, where the IRA were Catholics in name only, but motivated by secular political motives, not Catholic Church doctrines.

    We do not blame Christianity for the actions of the American State, even though most Americans are Christians, or Judaism for the atrocities done by Israel, so why blame Islam for the actions of people who incidentally happen to be Muslims, but can also have political and economic motivations as well as religious ones?

    It is too easy to ascribe religious motives to members of an alien religion we know little about when in fact, the real motivations are more likely to be values we ourselves share with our enemies and we would do the same things they do if we were in their place.

    • The Muslim religion is the only one in which there are members who equate their religion with the State. The Islamic State, ISIS, is an example. In all other religions, the members respect the distinction between their religion and the state and so they do not use their religious beliefs as an excuse to to go around killing people.

      • Except for Christian Fundamentalists who bomb abortion clinics.

      • The emotional plague, Red and Black Fascism, is endemic in everyone and therefore can occur in all religions.

    • The basic difference is that Christians compulsively denigrate Christianity. For example recently Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Catholic Archbishop of New York, compared the Islamic State with the IRA. Well, the modern IRA in Northern Ireland was a Marxist atheist organization! Christians like Dolan even condemn the Crusaders, as if North Africa, Turkey, the Near East, and even Arabia were not Christian before the Islamic invasion. Literally no Muslim will ever denigrate Islam and its history in this masochistic and completely bonkers way. If I understood Dr. Konia correctly this is because Christianity has an antiauthoritarian core (e.g., it destroyed the Roman empire by favoring “multiculturalism”) while Islam is authoritarian through and through. This is why Hitler and Himmler where so very fond of Islam and so contemptuous of Christianity.

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