The Music Industry’s Role in the Anti-authoritarian Transformation

The following is an exert from my upcoming book, “Clueless”:
The music industry in America was a factor in exacerbating the anti-authoritarian transformation. When “Rock Around the Clock” was released in 1954, the song was not considered of any importance. However, when it was coupled with the film,”Blackboard Jungle,” in March 1955, about the looming peril of juvenile delinquency in the nation’s schools, it became an instant hit. Many teenage moviegoers danced in theater aisles to “Rock Around the Clock.” The song marked the beginning of a new genre of music that championed teenage rebellion against parents and other authority figures.
The young peoples’ emotions were commercially exploited by the entertainment industry and marketed to them for huge profits. In sixty years, popular music and television shows catering to young people have developed into a multi-billion dollar industry.
Siding with teens in their struggle against their parents and teachers may be good for business but it is highly destructive to the emotional lives of young people. The entertainment industry continues to exploit and excite the senses of these people beyond their natural tolerance level and by so doing increases their level of cluelessness to what is happening around them. This over-excitation further destabilizes what is left of authoritarian social armor and weakens the structure and guidelines contained in traditional social institutions like the family.


  1. Daniel Patrick Moynahan catalogued the disintegration of the black family
    In the 1960’s and the same ca be said of the white family 50 years later. Historically the decline of the Roman family parallelled the loss in stature of the father and fatherhood along with a dramatic downsizing of the family and population of of the city of Rome.

    • Right now, with massive overpopulation being among the worst threats we face, a dramatic reduction in population sounds like the best thing that could happen.

      • Population reduction does not address the problem of human destructiveness, the emotional plague. As long as people are killing each other, it doesn’t matter how many people there are in the world.

  2. Dr. Konia,
    One of my courses about the history of Rock and Roll identifies how adolescents used rock and roll as a vehicle to express their sexual excitement and contempt for their parents’ authority. As the textbook says, “In rhythm & blues and early rock and roll, teenagers found an opportunity to break from the conservative blandness of their parent’s music and indulge in the experience of music that was more physical and exciting.” It is so interesting how a music genre was able to use repressed sexual excitement to overturn the structure of a society. I look around me today and see a generation of self-entitled, clueless kids that see things the way they want them to be, but ignore how they really are. Is this all indirectly the result of “sex, drugs, rock’ n roll”?

    • Owen,
      Yes. It was all part of the anti-authoritarian transformation that started with music in the ’50s.
      Dr. Konia

      • Hallo Dr. Konia,

        it seems this transformation was the product of a social engineering programm involving psychedelics, youth culture, etc.

        I also recommend the aricle series “Occult Yorkshire” written by Jason Horsley. By piecing together his family history he stumbles across a web of strange coincidences and connections linking his grandfather to Fabian Socialists, the emergence of the counterculture,occultism,, pedophile networks, modern psychiatry, child care and social engineering agendas

        There´s a lot of interesting information in both sources

      • The transformation to the anti-authoritarian society that we live in today is discussed in my books, The Emotional Plague and Neither Left Nor Right It is discussed more extensively in my forthcoming book, Clueless which will be published this year.

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