The Development of Ocular Armor in Infants

In an article published in the October 6 issue of Biological Psychiatry, researchers found that infants who had poor eye contact with the mother had higher “callous-emotional” traits. “These traits include problems recognizing emotions of others,impairment in responding to distress of others, and impaired guilt or empathy.” These traits are hypothesized to be precursors of anti-social behavior found in psychopathic adults.

We know from medical orgonomy that the syndrome of callous-emotional traits described by the authors is a result of disturbances of mother-infant eye contact.
Clinical experience with patients in Medical Orgone Therapy shows that disturbances in eye contact at this early stage of development are one of many consequences of ocular armor that can develop at that time and that these can have destructive behavioral and social effects not only in infancy and childhood but throughout the individual’s life.

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  1. This point is so important..the etiology of many people’s mechanistic /mystical psychology…I think I even read somewhere that Reich viewed the early ocular contact as a bond fide “ocular stage” of orgonotic / sexual development. like the oral, anal, and genital stages. I think these stages can be seen as life energy dancing playfully about in the organism in early stages of life , before , hopefully, (if not interrupted and made to feel embarrassed), naturally settling into an erogenous focus of genitality.
    Just one other small example point, I always wish mothers with baby strollers which face forwards could be told of the benefits of always buying a stroller which faces the parent and allows the infant to maintain eye contact with mom or dad if they want. They are that sensitive at that young an age..even just loss of loving gaze communion with mom while out at the mall or on a walk can cause spasms of terror and confusion…and armor…

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